Thursday, August 6, 2009


What cancer cannot do.

Cancer is so limited…
It cannot cripple Love,
It cannot shatter Hope,
It cannot corrode Faith,
It cannot eat away Peace,
It cannot destroy Confidence,
It cannot kill Friendship,
It cannot shut out Memories,
It cannot silence Courage,
It cannot invade the Soul,
It cannot reduce eternal Life,
It cannot quench the Spirit,
It cannot lessen the Power
Of the Resurrection.

- Unknown

Unfortunately what cancer can do is take my Mema.
The Doctor gave her a week on Tuesday.
This is an extremely difficult time for me.

Here is a picture I snapped with my Iphone of my grandpa trying to feed my Mema before we took her back to Hospice.
PLease pray for my family, pray for strength for my grandpa, and pray for my mema to be at peace.

I'll post more later.

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  1. I am so sorry Carla!! Your grandma is such a sweet person, and a huge part of your life. I know how hard this must be. I am here from you! You and your family is in our thoughts and prayers!!! I love you, girl. Keep your chin up! Let me know if I can do anything, I know everyone says that sort of thing... but I mean it!! Anything.