Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fish in a box

I am offically a blogger now.
I don't expect to have lots of readers considering Ive only told 2 people I even have a blog, but this will be a nice outlet for me.

Please excuse all grammatical errors as I think in the form of run-ons and fragments.

My first blog is about my fish in a box.

Yes, you read that correctly, fish in a box.
I saw this at one of the Ship Stores at Lake Texoma a couple of weekends ago and wanted it instantly, but decided against saying anything to Nate for obvious reasons.
Every weekend we went back, and every weekend I wanted it more.
So we bought it.

I originally thought it was shrimp that you fed and it grew, but no it's actually better, you start with a fish egg in the soil, add water, watch the fish grow, hatch the little shrimps a couple of days later, watch the fish eat the shrimp and viola, Fish in a box. After three months the fish can be transferred to a bigger bowl and fed regular fish food.
Or so the box says.
My plan is to get started with it tonight, stay tuned for updates.


  1. Love it!! I want one tomorrow!!! Not random to me!! :)

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