Thursday, August 27, 2009

I plan ahead..

So Nate and I are going to Ireland in January for a wedding and I decided I needed a new coat, because from what I understand its crazy cold over there, I probably really just need to go through my coat closet but buying is much more fun.
So I found this AWESOME vintage pink hounds tooth wool Coach coat, and I love it sooo much that I just had to share!

My lack of photography skills are evident so the pictures really do not do it justice, the coat is in perfect condition and absolutely stunning with the softest lining ever!
So what else will I wear in Ireland you may ask?
Well I will also be wearing my fur vest that my mother had made for me out of my great grandmas fur coat, my fabulous brown Coach boots and I am planning on wearing my Pink, swarovski crystal covered Christian Louboutin ankle boots. I forgot to take actual pictures of the shoes at my house but these are exactly like the ones I own.

Yes I own those horribly tacky, and outrageously overpriced fabulous pink Louboutin boots. :)

Extremely excited about actually going somewhere to wear all this stuff, I just feel like I have so many clothes that are just a too much for Wichita Falls!
Europe here I come!


  1. The pink boots are hideous!!! :)

    Love the coat, where did you find it?

  2. So, where did you score the coat?? If you are gonna blog you are going to have to play right! HA