Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Will you "Sperry" Me?

So Nate and I have been debating on buying Sperry topsiders for a while now.
This all came about because he bought a pair of flip flops that were Sperry, and I got to looking into it and realized that I really liked their topsiders and boat/deck shoes. Then my mom had a pair on the other day, and Nate did some research on them and apparently they are completely waterproof and they mold to your feet, much like Birkenstocks do, and everyone knows I LOVED my 6 pairs of Birkenstocks (clogs and slides) before Gus decided to randomly eat one of each pair, but I digress.
So Dillard's is having a 40% off of already 50% off items. Sperrys included. I really like the men's plaid slide ons for Nate, and luckily Dillard's has them!

I also like the women's plaid for me!

But with the plaid it kind of limits what you can wear with them,so maybe we should just get the brown or khaki many choices, but the best part is These shoes normally run $60-$80 and Dillard's and the Sperry website have them on sale for $30 so for that price maybe Ill spring for both the plaid and the brown!!


  1. They will go great with your soccer mom clothes. Ha! Just kidding. They are cute. I would wear them, in fact I wear a 7 1/2 and at that price you can spring for me a pink plaid pair. :)

  2. That's so funny bc I almost wrote something in the blog about them going with my soccer mom clothes!