Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why did I not know about this?

I get to work this morning and my Aunt Teena sent me an email with this in it.

It's a PINK VESPA! I have wanted one of these for YEARS! In this exact color, and they are raffling this one off at the United in Burk, probably related to the Susan Komen Breast Cancer thing, since the walk is this month(which I am also participating in with my mom) HI MOM! I think her, Nate, and Jenni are about the only people that read this! HAHAHA.

So Nate and I will be heading to Burk tonight or tomorrow and buying some raffle tickets!

I sure hope I win!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Got my Wii Fit age down to 20 this morning! Carla-1 Wii Fit-0.


It just keeps getting better.

It's not even my birthday month (yes I get a whole month)and I just keep getting presents.
Yes I am spoiled rotten, and I LOVE IT!

Last night after work I went home and mowed my front and back yards, which I actually enjoy mowing, I have an awesome lawnmower that is self propelled and it will seriously cut a tennis ball in half, and yes I have seen it done. But anyway I mowed, and did some other stuff around the yard, worked on digging some stuff out of the cement in the driveway that has grown up, sprayed Round Up on this stupid clover that is trying to take over my pretty grass in front, which will not be happening since I spent so much time and effort getting it to grow, but my point is, once I was done mowing and Nate did the edging and weed eating, we went and bought him a bicycle and we went for a ride!

We ended up having a really good time.
Neither of us had been on a bike since we were a lot younger, so we were both pleasantly surprised that we remembered how. We rode down to the park, rode about another 1.5 miles and then headed back to the house. We really didn't have a lot of time since we got a late start, but it was nice and relaxing, but I could definitely feel it in my legs by the time I got home. Thankfully though I am not sore today!

SO here is my new pink bike. Love it.

Mine and Nate's. He is airing up the tires before our ride.
And then his. If I would have thought about it we would have color coordinated them a little better, but oh well.

I would really like to ride them again tonight, but instead I am getting my hair did! YAY! It needs it, but we are taking them down to the lake this weekend so hopefully I can get some action shots.

Oh and pay no attention to the flower beds in the back ground of the pictures, they are a work in progress. I finally almost got everything dug up that was never suppose to grow in there, and now I am figuring out what to outline the things with, because those bricks have got to go, and what to plant under the bushes...Hmmmm I'm thinking monkey grass or something like that. I have flowers in the elevated flower bed in front, and they are sooooo needy. I need something a little heartier and sturdy and not so needy! :)

Have a great day!

Monday, September 28, 2009

What a weekend!

Even with yesterday being a hard day, I had a great weekend.

Friday night Nate didn't feel good, so I was lame and went home at 2 after work and never left the house! I caught up on my DVR, and did stuff around the house which included finishing my biggest mosaic project to date.

TA DA! its a serving tray. I even painted the tray the pink color myself. I still have some cleaning to do on the glass pieces, I'm sure you can see the grout on them still, but you get the idea. I need to reinforce the bottom of it as well just in case it actually gets used but all in all I thought it turned out quite well.

Saturday I got up early and went by the cemetery and visited my mema, went by Papas and talked to him, and then Nate and I were going to the gun range to goof off and shoot some of his guns. We stopped by DeFoors to get the ammo, and we saw the pink gun we have been eyeballing for me online, and once Nate convinced me that the gun store in Defoors is different the the Pawn Shop Defoors we purchased it. So I am now the proud owner of a half pink Sig handgun.
Sorry the quality of the pic isn't all that great. Its an IPhone pic. But I love it. It shoots little 22 bullets and has an undersized grip for a female, and its PINK! :)

So here are some shots( pun intended) from the range!
Here is Nate and I. Notice the pink ear cover thingamabobs. :)

Nate shooting one of his weird guns that I don't know what it is so I call it his Dick Tracy gun.

Nate shooting his Sig

There is no reason to be scared of me having a gun, this is my first 10 shots with it. Not bad huh? Especially since I'm left handed and right eyed, so I'm actually having to shoot right handed. Yeah I'm awesome. You can tell right about where I get tired of holding the gun and the shots start to go low, but oh well.

And then a shot of me shooting.

I like that Nate and I have matching guns, I mean matching in the sense they are made by the same people. His is the big boy, over sized grip, law enforcement gun, and mine is the dainty pretty undersized grip little girl gun, and I wouldn't have it any other way!
Saturday night we went to the Casino and actually walked away winners! Well Kind of. We lost $60 on the machines and then split, he went and played Roulette and won about $80 or so and gave me $100 and I went to a penny machine and won $75! YAY! So I gave Nate his $100 back and I took the $75. I thought that was more than fair!

Sunday, I got up early and went to Walmart and went grocery shopping (blah) and then Nate showed up at my house with a new bicycle for me! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it, he is suppose to get get one for him today or tomorrow, so Ill get pictures of both here shortly.
Ive been wanting a bike for a while now, i live so close to the park, and they are such good exercise and this weather is perfect! I am really excited to get to riding. I told Nate we could do the 25 miles in the Hotter n Hell next year and I got laughed at, but just wait, we might actually do it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today is a hard day.

Today is my Memas 72nd birthday and 52nd wedding anniversary.

Its the first time we haven't all gotten together to cook and have (gluten free) cake. Its the first time that I can remember not calling my Mema and telling her Happy Birthday and how retarded I think it was that she got married on her birthday and cheated herself out a present every year. And how my Papa always would tell me that marrying him was present enough.

So instead I went up to the cemetery and put a little plastic balloon with Happy Birthday written on it in the dirt next to the flowers I bought her.

These were obviously taken right after the funeral. She would have loved all her beautiful flowers. The dirt is level with the ground now. All these flowers are gone and replaced by a set I bought at Hobby Lobby. The headstone has been ordered, and life is just moving on, but its not the same without her.

I miss her so much.
Happy Birthday Mema.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Stolen from

Seeing that it's the 70th Anniversary of the iconic film The Wizard of Oz, what better way to celebrate it by giving those famous ruby slippers a face lift?
Warner Bros. Consumer Products partnered up with CRYSTALLIZED- Swarovski Element and some of the hottest designers including: Betsey Johnson, Christian Louboutin, Diane von Furstenberg, Giuseppe Zanotti, Jimmy Choo, Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B., Manolo Blahnik, Oscar de la Renta, Roger Vivier, and Stuart Weitzman. They designed their own modernized version of Dorthy's shoes to be auctioned off, with all proceeds benefiting Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.
Bidding for the shoes began September 10th, but will continue until 10:00pm September 24th.
Such a fabulous idea for a great cause!

I know auctions are for a good cause, but I HATE it when something I want is in an auction like this. Normally, this is where I'd say "NAAATTTEEEE, I want these for (insert gift giving occasion)", but with a dang auction I know they will be crazy expensive, even more so then normal.

I would def. take out a bad witch, maybe even a good witch for the ones in the second picture, but naturally they are the most expensive off all!! :)

Check out the link, they are all super awesome looking shoes. Normally I'm a Louboutin girl but dang his are a little out there for me, and def out there for Wichita Falls wear!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 3

Finally got my Wii Fit age into the 20s.
28 to be exact.

Pretty good if you ask me.

Especially since it started at 48. haha

I think alot of it is how you move on the little box, it takes a while to get back into Wii mode. The cordless controllers and the box registering your every move, and learning the timing of everything.

Goal=Wii age of 26 after I turn 27 next month.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Plethora of information

SO to start off today I just want to say I am super excited about the re release of The Wizard of Oz in theaters this weekend. Nate and I sang songs from the movie all last night, yes even in the middle of McDonald's. Normally I am not a big going to the movies fan,but we will be going to see this at some point this weekend.

Yesterday I decided it was time to purchase a Wii Fit. Ive been putting it off, but since I never can seem to make it to yoga after work anymore I decided this would be a good way to keep exercising(until I get a bicycle hint hint NATE!), and I can do it in the mornings before work which is WAY better for me. I had so much fun with it last night, and I did it again this morning, I have already unlocked new games, stretches and exercises and I am very excited to keep it going and see if I can tell a difference. It is really quite interesting, it weighs you, calculates your BMI etc. I am just amazed by what my Wii can do on a daily basis! And the plus is its says my BMI and everything is exactly where it should be, but I am still going to try to lose 10 more pounds!

So while I was working on my fitness last night, I FINALLY figured out something that Nate could buy me for my Birffffday. Ready for this???

A flat screen wall hanging TV.

I have a huge wall behind my TV now, which has nothing on it and with this Wii fit I find myself looking down at the TV when I am standing on the little box thing, soooooo we decided that was a perfect present. Nate found a flat screen wall hanging TV for his bedroom for a steal of a deal at Best Buy a while back so hopefully he can find another one for me. I'm really excited. I can get rid of my big bulky TV, and TV stand and buy a cute little shelf for my Dish box, DVD player and Wii and it will clear up ALOT of space in my living room, and I wont have to worry about what to hang on the wall anymore! Not like the empty space on the wall bothered me too much since I bought the place almost 3 years ago, and its still empty! :)

So hopefully in a month or so Ill have a TV for sale if anyone is interested. I don't know the size of it or anything like that its probably in the 30-38 inch range or so. I'm not looking to trying to sell it and make a fortune, so if you are interested let me know and you are more than welcome to come look at it once I am guaranteed a new TV.
Falls Fest is this weekend too. I have not really decided if I want to go or not. I hate not to, it supports a good cause and Eli Young will be there and I live so close its hard not to at least stop by at some point, but I'm sure if we go it will be a spur of the minute "Hey lets walk down to Falls Fest" kind of thing.
I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Catch up

So I've been a terrible blogger lately, but I have just had so much going on. I am super busy at work buying leases, starting to put a waterflood together etc etc, and Nate and I put up a privacy fence on the back half of my backyard, it looks really nice. I opted for a 5 ft cedar fence. I want to still be able to look over it if I walk up to it and it really is all the protection I need.

On a more important note, my birthday is fast approaching.
This year is not really an important birthday. Ill be 27. I thought I was turning 27 last year actually so it kind of feels like a repeat. My mom is getting the doggy portraits made for me as a present On October 3 and I am really excited, plus she thought of it so I didn't have too.
Nate has been asking me what I want, and honestly I have no idea. I have searched all over the Coach website, the Christian Louboutin website, Neimans, Saks, etc etc and have come up empty handed. There are things I want like knee high riding boots, but I have to find a pair, which means I would actually have to start looking. So I guess this year his present will be a surprise!
(last year I picked out the brown Coach boots as a present for him to buy me).

I still have lots to blog about so stay tuned!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Martinez Wedding

So Nate and I went to James and Brandi's wedding last night.

The wedding was suppose to be at the Kell House and considering the rain (oh by the way has someone started building an ark yet? Seriously) they ended up having to move location at the last minute and had the wedding and the reception in the Old Morrison supply or it may be the Fosters building on Avenue K and Grant and it turned out beautifully.

The building is huge and already decorated with plenty of rooms for tables, and had a bar, pool tables, etc, etc.

Brandi handled the stress of the situation a lot better than I think I would of had it been my wedding! You prob would have found me huddled in a corner, weeping!

But I will def. be keeping this location in mind if I ever need to throw a party for a large group of people! :)

So here are the only three photos I remembered to take at the reception. I'm a bad blogger I know!

Me and Nate!

We shook things up a bit and added Colby to the picture!
And last but not least here is Colby and his date, Susan.

So even though Nate and I didn't stay too late we had a great time, and here is wishing Brandi, James, Brooke and Baby Bailey a lifetime of happiness!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

So Labor Day weekend felt it was nothing but up, down, and all around Highway 82 for me.
Bright and Early Saturday Morning I started West on the way to Goree TX. My Mema's side of the family has a farm/ranch down there and we all get together once a year to shoot guns, ride 4 wheelers, eat, drink and be merry. Although, it was hard to be there this year without my Mema I am glad we all went, it obviously was not the same but she would have wanted us there.
And now some pictures!

This is my cousin Britni and I on one of the 4 wheelers.

They have taken a back hoe and made some pretty neat trails down away from the houses in the "brakes" as Mema always called it, so it was a good time.

After that I headed back East up 82 back through Falls Town on my way to Lake Texoma to meet up with Nate and his family for some relaxation.
Nate and I both spent way too much time on the Sea Doo and both of us were sore!

There was troll fishing, which really means trolling for fish or something, but troll fishing just sounds more fun to me than trolling, either way I did zero fishing or trolling!!

And last but not least I got a nice picture of Nate and his family.
Left to Right: Joe(step dad), Connor (son), Debbie (Mom), Nate, Tim( Dad), Shirley (Step mom)

I think its so neat that his family are all friends and hang out and get along so well.

So all and all Labor Day weekend, was exhausting!

I need a vacation! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

How much is that doggy in the window?

>Except at my house it's more like "How much are those 3 precious, beautiful, sweet baby dogs in the window?" my response of course would be..."they are priceless" We are like a living MasterCard Commercial.

New couch since Fat Gus ruined the back of my old one: $1200
Endless amounts of dog food and treats: $100's and $100's of dollars
New collars, clothes and jackets they hate to wear: $100

The fact that I am lucky enough to come home to three of the worlds best dogs? Priceless. :)

So my birthday is next month and my mom is getting professional pictures of my dogs done. YAY! Should be interesting though, I have recruited Nate to aid in the shipping and handling of them with us. That way my mom, me, and Nate can all man one dog a piece and keep them in line. Pictures to be posted eventually!

And look what Jenni found: Snuggie for Dogs!

Warm, Ultra Soft Fleece For Indoor / Outdoor UsePerfect for Every Dog Adjustable Hook & Loop Fastener Tabs For The Perfect FitSizes Range From Extra Small - LargeAvailable in Blue & PinkMachine Washable


Guess what my little Chihuahua is getting for Christmas! :)

And because no post should be without pictures here are my 3 sweet baby dogs:

This is my Gus. I have had him the longest and he is a mommas boy for sure. (He has lost a little weight since this was taken! :)

This is my Sophie. I got her from the girl I bought my house from as a playmate for Gus. They are truly brother and sister and play and fight all the time. She is my little Princess, which is fitting because on her papers her legal name is Princess Sophia.

And last but not least is my Lola love. She was found as a stray in Faith Village and given to my friend Steph and I took her at first to find her a home but then got attached and will now love her forever. Shes my grandma of the group, she doesn't really play with the others actually could care less about them, but she sure loves her momma!

I don't know what my life would be like without my baby dogs. I can't even imagine!