Thursday, September 3, 2009

How much is that doggy in the window?

>Except at my house it's more like "How much are those 3 precious, beautiful, sweet baby dogs in the window?" my response of course would be..."they are priceless" We are like a living MasterCard Commercial.

New couch since Fat Gus ruined the back of my old one: $1200
Endless amounts of dog food and treats: $100's and $100's of dollars
New collars, clothes and jackets they hate to wear: $100

The fact that I am lucky enough to come home to three of the worlds best dogs? Priceless. :)

So my birthday is next month and my mom is getting professional pictures of my dogs done. YAY! Should be interesting though, I have recruited Nate to aid in the shipping and handling of them with us. That way my mom, me, and Nate can all man one dog a piece and keep them in line. Pictures to be posted eventually!

And look what Jenni found: Snuggie for Dogs!

Warm, Ultra Soft Fleece For Indoor / Outdoor UsePerfect for Every Dog Adjustable Hook & Loop Fastener Tabs For The Perfect FitSizes Range From Extra Small - LargeAvailable in Blue & PinkMachine Washable


Guess what my little Chihuahua is getting for Christmas! :)

And because no post should be without pictures here are my 3 sweet baby dogs:

This is my Gus. I have had him the longest and he is a mommas boy for sure. (He has lost a little weight since this was taken! :)

This is my Sophie. I got her from the girl I bought my house from as a playmate for Gus. They are truly brother and sister and play and fight all the time. She is my little Princess, which is fitting because on her papers her legal name is Princess Sophia.

And last but not least is my Lola love. She was found as a stray in Faith Village and given to my friend Steph and I took her at first to find her a home but then got attached and will now love her forever. Shes my grandma of the group, she doesn't really play with the others actually could care less about them, but she sure loves her momma!

I don't know what my life would be like without my baby dogs. I can't even imagine!


  1. I thought you would like the snuggie for dogs!! I know whats up! :) Do you have new furniture since the last time I was at your house? Which I honestly could not tell you when that was?! :(

  2. The green furniture (in Lolas picture) is what I have.
    Gus ruined my red couch. :)