Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It just keeps getting better.

It's not even my birthday month (yes I get a whole month)and I just keep getting presents.
Yes I am spoiled rotten, and I LOVE IT!

Last night after work I went home and mowed my front and back yards, which I actually enjoy mowing, I have an awesome lawnmower that is self propelled and it will seriously cut a tennis ball in half, and yes I have seen it done. But anyway I mowed, and did some other stuff around the yard, worked on digging some stuff out of the cement in the driveway that has grown up, sprayed Round Up on this stupid clover that is trying to take over my pretty grass in front, which will not be happening since I spent so much time and effort getting it to grow, but my point is, once I was done mowing and Nate did the edging and weed eating, we went and bought him a bicycle and we went for a ride!

We ended up having a really good time.
Neither of us had been on a bike since we were a lot younger, so we were both pleasantly surprised that we remembered how. We rode down to the park, rode about another 1.5 miles and then headed back to the house. We really didn't have a lot of time since we got a late start, but it was nice and relaxing, but I could definitely feel it in my legs by the time I got home. Thankfully though I am not sore today!

SO here is my new pink bike. Love it.

Mine and Nate's. He is airing up the tires before our ride.
And then his. If I would have thought about it we would have color coordinated them a little better, but oh well.

I would really like to ride them again tonight, but instead I am getting my hair did! YAY! It needs it, but we are taking them down to the lake this weekend so hopefully I can get some action shots.

Oh and pay no attention to the flower beds in the back ground of the pictures, they are a work in progress. I finally almost got everything dug up that was never suppose to grow in there, and now I am figuring out what to outline the things with, because those bricks have got to go, and what to plant under the bushes...Hmmmm I'm thinking monkey grass or something like that. I have flowers in the elevated flower bed in front, and they are sooooo needy. I need something a little heartier and sturdy and not so needy! :)

Have a great day!

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