Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

So Labor Day weekend felt it was nothing but up, down, and all around Highway 82 for me.
Bright and Early Saturday Morning I started West on the way to Goree TX. My Mema's side of the family has a farm/ranch down there and we all get together once a year to shoot guns, ride 4 wheelers, eat, drink and be merry. Although, it was hard to be there this year without my Mema I am glad we all went, it obviously was not the same but she would have wanted us there.
And now some pictures!

This is my cousin Britni and I on one of the 4 wheelers.

They have taken a back hoe and made some pretty neat trails down away from the houses in the "brakes" as Mema always called it, so it was a good time.

After that I headed back East up 82 back through Falls Town on my way to Lake Texoma to meet up with Nate and his family for some relaxation.
Nate and I both spent way too much time on the Sea Doo and both of us were sore!

There was troll fishing, which really means trolling for fish or something, but troll fishing just sounds more fun to me than trolling, either way I did zero fishing or trolling!!

And last but not least I got a nice picture of Nate and his family.
Left to Right: Joe(step dad), Connor (son), Debbie (Mom), Nate, Tim( Dad), Shirley (Step mom)

I think its so neat that his family are all friends and hang out and get along so well.

So all and all Labor Day weekend, was exhausting!

I need a vacation! :)

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