Sunday, September 13, 2009

Martinez Wedding

So Nate and I went to James and Brandi's wedding last night.

The wedding was suppose to be at the Kell House and considering the rain (oh by the way has someone started building an ark yet? Seriously) they ended up having to move location at the last minute and had the wedding and the reception in the Old Morrison supply or it may be the Fosters building on Avenue K and Grant and it turned out beautifully.

The building is huge and already decorated with plenty of rooms for tables, and had a bar, pool tables, etc, etc.

Brandi handled the stress of the situation a lot better than I think I would of had it been my wedding! You prob would have found me huddled in a corner, weeping!

But I will def. be keeping this location in mind if I ever need to throw a party for a large group of people! :)

So here are the only three photos I remembered to take at the reception. I'm a bad blogger I know!

Me and Nate!

We shook things up a bit and added Colby to the picture!
And last but not least here is Colby and his date, Susan.

So even though Nate and I didn't stay too late we had a great time, and here is wishing Brandi, James, Brooke and Baby Bailey a lifetime of happiness!

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