Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Plethora of information

SO to start off today I just want to say I am super excited about the re release of The Wizard of Oz in theaters this weekend. Nate and I sang songs from the movie all last night, yes even in the middle of McDonald's. Normally I am not a big going to the movies fan,but we will be going to see this at some point this weekend.

Yesterday I decided it was time to purchase a Wii Fit. Ive been putting it off, but since I never can seem to make it to yoga after work anymore I decided this would be a good way to keep exercising(until I get a bicycle hint hint NATE!), and I can do it in the mornings before work which is WAY better for me. I had so much fun with it last night, and I did it again this morning, I have already unlocked new games, stretches and exercises and I am very excited to keep it going and see if I can tell a difference. It is really quite interesting, it weighs you, calculates your BMI etc. I am just amazed by what my Wii can do on a daily basis! And the plus is its says my BMI and everything is exactly where it should be, but I am still going to try to lose 10 more pounds!

So while I was working on my fitness last night, I FINALLY figured out something that Nate could buy me for my Birffffday. Ready for this???

A flat screen wall hanging TV.

I have a huge wall behind my TV now, which has nothing on it and with this Wii fit I find myself looking down at the TV when I am standing on the little box thing, soooooo we decided that was a perfect present. Nate found a flat screen wall hanging TV for his bedroom for a steal of a deal at Best Buy a while back so hopefully he can find another one for me. I'm really excited. I can get rid of my big bulky TV, and TV stand and buy a cute little shelf for my Dish box, DVD player and Wii and it will clear up ALOT of space in my living room, and I wont have to worry about what to hang on the wall anymore! Not like the empty space on the wall bothered me too much since I bought the place almost 3 years ago, and its still empty! :)

So hopefully in a month or so Ill have a TV for sale if anyone is interested. I don't know the size of it or anything like that its probably in the 30-38 inch range or so. I'm not looking to trying to sell it and make a fortune, so if you are interested let me know and you are more than welcome to come look at it once I am guaranteed a new TV.
Falls Fest is this weekend too. I have not really decided if I want to go or not. I hate not to, it supports a good cause and Eli Young will be there and I live so close its hard not to at least stop by at some point, but I'm sure if we go it will be a spur of the minute "Hey lets walk down to Falls Fest" kind of thing.
I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

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  1. Yah, I always like to go to Falls Fest. And this year my zumba teachers from the Y are going to dance. :) Buttttttt, This year I am going to be in Houston with a friend. So I can't go. boooo

    Yah for Wii fit. I want a Wii so bad. And a flat screen for our living room. We have a flat screen in the kitchen, and it gets a better picture then the one in our living room it is just too small for our living room... anyway..