Monday, September 28, 2009

What a weekend!

Even with yesterday being a hard day, I had a great weekend.

Friday night Nate didn't feel good, so I was lame and went home at 2 after work and never left the house! I caught up on my DVR, and did stuff around the house which included finishing my biggest mosaic project to date.

TA DA! its a serving tray. I even painted the tray the pink color myself. I still have some cleaning to do on the glass pieces, I'm sure you can see the grout on them still, but you get the idea. I need to reinforce the bottom of it as well just in case it actually gets used but all in all I thought it turned out quite well.

Saturday I got up early and went by the cemetery and visited my mema, went by Papas and talked to him, and then Nate and I were going to the gun range to goof off and shoot some of his guns. We stopped by DeFoors to get the ammo, and we saw the pink gun we have been eyeballing for me online, and once Nate convinced me that the gun store in Defoors is different the the Pawn Shop Defoors we purchased it. So I am now the proud owner of a half pink Sig handgun.
Sorry the quality of the pic isn't all that great. Its an IPhone pic. But I love it. It shoots little 22 bullets and has an undersized grip for a female, and its PINK! :)

So here are some shots( pun intended) from the range!
Here is Nate and I. Notice the pink ear cover thingamabobs. :)

Nate shooting one of his weird guns that I don't know what it is so I call it his Dick Tracy gun.

Nate shooting his Sig

There is no reason to be scared of me having a gun, this is my first 10 shots with it. Not bad huh? Especially since I'm left handed and right eyed, so I'm actually having to shoot right handed. Yeah I'm awesome. You can tell right about where I get tired of holding the gun and the shots start to go low, but oh well.

And then a shot of me shooting.

I like that Nate and I have matching guns, I mean matching in the sense they are made by the same people. His is the big boy, over sized grip, law enforcement gun, and mine is the dainty pretty undersized grip little girl gun, and I wouldn't have it any other way!
Saturday night we went to the Casino and actually walked away winners! Well Kind of. We lost $60 on the machines and then split, he went and played Roulette and won about $80 or so and gave me $100 and I went to a penny machine and won $75! YAY! So I gave Nate his $100 back and I took the $75. I thought that was more than fair!

Sunday, I got up early and went to Walmart and went grocery shopping (blah) and then Nate showed up at my house with a new bicycle for me! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it, he is suppose to get get one for him today or tomorrow, so Ill get pictures of both here shortly.
Ive been wanting a bike for a while now, i live so close to the park, and they are such good exercise and this weather is perfect! I am really excited to get to riding. I told Nate we could do the 25 miles in the Hotter n Hell next year and I got laughed at, but just wait, we might actually do it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.


  1. Did I miss our mosaic? Or did you do that at home?? Its so cute! I want to make one!!!