Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why did I not know about this?

I get to work this morning and my Aunt Teena sent me an email with this in it.

It's a PINK VESPA! I have wanted one of these for YEARS! In this exact color, and they are raffling this one off at the United in Burk, probably related to the Susan Komen Breast Cancer thing, since the walk is this month(which I am also participating in with my mom) HI MOM! I think her, Nate, and Jenni are about the only people that read this! HAHAHA.

So Nate and I will be heading to Burk tonight or tomorrow and buying some raffle tickets!

I sure hope I win!


  1. Yeah, so I am totally going to Burk!!!

  2. Dude what are you going to do with it?
    Theres no place for car seats, so if you win it you must give it to me!! hahaha :)

  3. I do things WITHOUT my kids.... sometimes.
    PS- the pink vespa scooter is not just on your wish list! :)

  4. carla, do you know you have your dog sweater on backwards. the taps go on the belly.
    Simon noticed it.

  5. Mom, its a snuggie... not a sweater... and I think its supposed to go like that.

  6. I thought it was suppose to go the other way too, but it doesnt fit right the other way. I know because I tried. hahaha.