Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Merry Christmas to me!

If you remember I got the new wall hanging TV for my birthday and I have been trying to find a long, not very wide, black, something to put up against the wall(big big wall) to hold my DISH box and my Wii with no avail.
And then Nate mentioned these.

Electric fireplaces!
And they make them with entertainment centers and bookshelves built in them. A fireplace was not important to me when I was looking to buy a house. I have had fireplaces before and never ever lit not even one fire in any of them, so I really did not care to have one. But this will be perfect! They just plug right in to the wall, heat up like 400 sq. ft or something, and have thermostat control and everything built right in.
And they are pretty.
And I might actually use it, where I would not a real one.
So this is what Nate gets to get me for Christmas.

I'm excited!
Hopefully Ill be able to find one I like here in town.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Day in the Life

Nate "We aren't going to get down there and you find some $1000 pair of shoes you just have to have for Christmas are we?"
Me " I sure hope so"


And to be fair they were Louboutins that were regularly $1700 and we got them for like $700 or $800. That's a deal if you ask me!

So I am getting started on Christmas shopping this weekend, well actually I am hoping to finish my Christmas shopping this weekend. I have already got a few gifts bought and pretty much know exactly what I am getting everyone. I like to get started and get done with it before every one else starts, even though there are not a whole lot of sales its worth it to me to pay a little extra and not fight the crowds.

And Monday I have an appt at the Cosmetic Laser Center to discuss and possibly get some Botox. I know.... I am only 27, but they are having a steal of a deal so my Mom and I are going to see whats its all about (Sorry to rat you out mom!) haha.
I don't know if I will get any or not, but I would like some more info on it.
Nate is not happy about it to say the least, he is afraid that if I start it this young my face will become dependant on it, and I think he is afraid he will have to pay for it for the rest of my life! hahahaha.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

P.S. Happy one and 1/2 year anniversary to me and Nate today! What a lucky guy he is! :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Big Picture post!!!

So as I have mentioned before my mom got my doggy pictures for my birthday which turned into family portraits! A lady she knows named Kelly Nottingham took the pictures. FYI for those of you that don't know. Lola is the red dachshund, Gus is the black and tan one, and Sophi is the Chihuahua.

There was obviously a WHOLE lot more, but I figured this was more than enough!

Birthday Week

As far as work was concerned last week was the worst week ever. I don't normally have very many complaints about my job, but dang last week was horrible. My boss doesn't really tell you if he has an issue with the way you are doing something or if he would prefer it a different way etc, so he holds in all in and then tells you everything at once, and it leaves you thinking, "Well Crap, do I do ANYTHING right?" Well I am going to go ahead and assume I do at least one thing right, since I still have a job. But all this going on at work it was hard to shake off and have a good birthday but I did my best.

Now for the good stuff...

Nate got me a 42 inch flat screen for my living room, and we have it hung on the wall and everything, it looks really nice. I now am looking for a black really thin dresser type thing to go against the wall to place my dish box and Wii on and hopefully it will have a shallow drawer or cabinet to place all my Wii stuff in and get it all put away. The TV is awesome though, we looked at all different sizes and types and decided that 42 was def the ideal size for my living room, Not too big, not too small, and it makes life so much easier in the mornings when I do my Wii fit. Now I can look straight ahead at the TV instead of looking down. (couldn't get a good picture of the TV on the wall)

We got the TV early last week so on my actual birthday Nate surprised me with the 2 disc digitally remastered Wizard of Oz DVD, and a 2010 Dachshund calender YAY! hahaha. Does that man know me or what?

My mom got me the puppy/family pictures for my birthday and also an awesome set of Coach gloves and hat to match my pink Coach coat! yay!

And my sweet friend Jenni got me an awesome card and a great smelling candle! Thanks Jenni! I have no idea where it came from but it smells fabulous!

Yesterday afternoon my family on my dads side got together for mine and my cousin Colin's birthday, since he decided to be born on my 15th birthday, and 12 years later I'm still bitter!!! :)

We ate burgers, drank, I got money, ate some cake. It was a good afternoon.

So I promise to post doggy pictures sometime today or this week, but right now I have to go play adult and finish my laundry and mow the yard. Don't even get me started on this mowing in the middle of October issue!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

My weekend.

My weekend started out well, I get off at 2 on Fridays and Nate and I went to the Casino, where I lost only $20. Not bad, I have found these little .1 machines that give you lots of free spins and I love them. We called it an early night because Saturday I got up early and joined my mom in the Race for the Cure. My friend Jenni walked with us and we had a good time, but it was way early and I had no makeup on so there are no snapshots of the race!

After that Nate and I got started on cleaning out my sunroom. My sunroom was originally set up as a second living area with a couch (which is now Sophi's) and a big screen (which had quit working) but after 2 1/2 years I had managed to pile up crap everywhere, so we went through it and got all the empty boxes the TV, and all the odds and ends and took them to the transfer station and cleaned out my garage so I can park my car in there again! YAY! After that we went to a get together/BBQ type thing my friend JW was having and stayed there a little while and had a good time.

Sunday was a lot more chill (thank goodness) I hung out at the house and did laundry and noticed that my poor little Sophi was sitting on the back of the couch shivering so what better time than now to put her New pink Snuggie on her??

How cute is she? She actually wore it quite well, but it didn't last all that long. I don't get it, if I was her and I was cold I would want something extra!

Sunday afternoon I finally got around to painting, yes painting, (spray painting at that) some pumpkins for my porch.
I thought that they turned out Okay. The solid ones looked really good, but the stripes were a little bit harder to do than I expected but all and all I thought they turned out well.

I ended up switching the smaller solid green and brown one so that they were by the striped one of the same color, and it looks better. These may not be every ones flavor but I like them, they are fun, and different and easier than carving for me!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend.
P.S. my birthday is Thursday so hopefully Ill have some awesome presents to post about, and yes I know I still need to post some doggy pictures, Ill try to get to that this week too!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


The pictures were a success and I picked up the CD from my mom this morning, so as soon as I have some time Ill upload them to here for all you blog stalkers.

And this rain needs to go away, I have pumpkins to paint!
Ugh. So aggravating.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Aww Shucks.

So I have decided to scale back my standard of living with Christmas coming fast upon us, and the Ireland trip, plus if Nate and I decide to get married pretty sure that will cost a pretty penny.

And then I get this....

"Coach introduces Poppy's new line of sunglasses and watches. Fun finishing touches! How Poppy can you get?"

Guess I know where all my birthday money will be headed.

Dang you Coach and your fabulous accessories.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Aflac, Aflac, AFLAC!

My big fat Gusser bear used to have a little Aflac duck that I got at some presentation when I worked at the Credit Union that when you squeezed it, said "Aflac, afflac, AFLAC!"
He absolutely loved that little duck, and then Sophie came along and she likes to 1. decapitate toys, and 2. destuff them by preforming an open heart surgery of sorts of them. Needless to say that was the end of the Aflac duck.

Last year around Christmas time I looked into getting Gus another duck for his stocking but all they had were big ones for like $25 dollars. Not the the cost was all that much but it was just too big so I decided against it.
Well a while back an Aflac Representative moved in next door to our office and we got to talking on the elevator one day and I was telling him the story about how my dog loved the duck, and actually the gentleman was the representative that came to the Credit Union way back in the day.
SOOOO today he comes in and gives me a brand new Aflac duck!

The sunglasses will be coming off before he gets home. I don't need any choking hazards, but Gus will be so excited and I guess I had better to prepare my self to here the word Aflac ALOT in the next few weeks!