Thursday, October 1, 2009

Aflac, Aflac, AFLAC!

My big fat Gusser bear used to have a little Aflac duck that I got at some presentation when I worked at the Credit Union that when you squeezed it, said "Aflac, afflac, AFLAC!"
He absolutely loved that little duck, and then Sophie came along and she likes to 1. decapitate toys, and 2. destuff them by preforming an open heart surgery of sorts of them. Needless to say that was the end of the Aflac duck.

Last year around Christmas time I looked into getting Gus another duck for his stocking but all they had were big ones for like $25 dollars. Not the the cost was all that much but it was just too big so I decided against it.
Well a while back an Aflac Representative moved in next door to our office and we got to talking on the elevator one day and I was telling him the story about how my dog loved the duck, and actually the gentleman was the representative that came to the Credit Union way back in the day.
SOOOO today he comes in and gives me a brand new Aflac duck!

The sunglasses will be coming off before he gets home. I don't need any choking hazards, but Gus will be so excited and I guess I had better to prepare my self to here the word Aflac ALOT in the next few weeks!


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  2. can you post video of gus squeezing it

  3. What in the world did Jennifer post that you removed???

    Super cute, lucky little Gus!!!

  4. Never mind.... she deleted it...

  5. Sure thing girl.
    One video coming up.


    If I can figure out how to do it!

  6. i spelled somethng wrong so i deleted my post. it's not that hard you cna make it happen carla