Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday Week

As far as work was concerned last week was the worst week ever. I don't normally have very many complaints about my job, but dang last week was horrible. My boss doesn't really tell you if he has an issue with the way you are doing something or if he would prefer it a different way etc, so he holds in all in and then tells you everything at once, and it leaves you thinking, "Well Crap, do I do ANYTHING right?" Well I am going to go ahead and assume I do at least one thing right, since I still have a job. But all this going on at work it was hard to shake off and have a good birthday but I did my best.

Now for the good stuff...

Nate got me a 42 inch flat screen for my living room, and we have it hung on the wall and everything, it looks really nice. I now am looking for a black really thin dresser type thing to go against the wall to place my dish box and Wii on and hopefully it will have a shallow drawer or cabinet to place all my Wii stuff in and get it all put away. The TV is awesome though, we looked at all different sizes and types and decided that 42 was def the ideal size for my living room, Not too big, not too small, and it makes life so much easier in the mornings when I do my Wii fit. Now I can look straight ahead at the TV instead of looking down. (couldn't get a good picture of the TV on the wall)

We got the TV early last week so on my actual birthday Nate surprised me with the 2 disc digitally remastered Wizard of Oz DVD, and a 2010 Dachshund calender YAY! hahaha. Does that man know me or what?

My mom got me the puppy/family pictures for my birthday and also an awesome set of Coach gloves and hat to match my pink Coach coat! yay!

And my sweet friend Jenni got me an awesome card and a great smelling candle! Thanks Jenni! I have no idea where it came from but it smells fabulous!

Yesterday afternoon my family on my dads side got together for mine and my cousin Colin's birthday, since he decided to be born on my 15th birthday, and 12 years later I'm still bitter!!! :)

We ate burgers, drank, I got money, ate some cake. It was a good afternoon.

So I promise to post doggy pictures sometime today or this week, but right now I have to go play adult and finish my laundry and mow the yard. Don't even get me started on this mowing in the middle of October issue!!!

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  1. Look at Hobby Lobby for a cute piece of furniture for your TV! I got mine there, and it would be a perfect accent to a flat screen! No problem for the candle, I am bummed about them not having what I wanted to get you! So, anyway... its in the mail to my house and you will get it for Christmas! I saw it when I was in Houston and totally thought of you! :) Sorry your birthday week was not as good as planned, but there is always next year!!