Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Merry Christmas to me!

If you remember I got the new wall hanging TV for my birthday and I have been trying to find a long, not very wide, black, something to put up against the wall(big big wall) to hold my DISH box and my Wii with no avail.
And then Nate mentioned these.

Electric fireplaces!
And they make them with entertainment centers and bookshelves built in them. A fireplace was not important to me when I was looking to buy a house. I have had fireplaces before and never ever lit not even one fire in any of them, so I really did not care to have one. But this will be perfect! They just plug right in to the wall, heat up like 400 sq. ft or something, and have thermostat control and everything built right in.
And they are pretty.
And I might actually use it, where I would not a real one.
So this is what Nate gets to get me for Christmas.

I'm excited!
Hopefully Ill be able to find one I like here in town.

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