Monday, October 12, 2009

My weekend.

My weekend started out well, I get off at 2 on Fridays and Nate and I went to the Casino, where I lost only $20. Not bad, I have found these little .1 machines that give you lots of free spins and I love them. We called it an early night because Saturday I got up early and joined my mom in the Race for the Cure. My friend Jenni walked with us and we had a good time, but it was way early and I had no makeup on so there are no snapshots of the race!

After that Nate and I got started on cleaning out my sunroom. My sunroom was originally set up as a second living area with a couch (which is now Sophi's) and a big screen (which had quit working) but after 2 1/2 years I had managed to pile up crap everywhere, so we went through it and got all the empty boxes the TV, and all the odds and ends and took them to the transfer station and cleaned out my garage so I can park my car in there again! YAY! After that we went to a get together/BBQ type thing my friend JW was having and stayed there a little while and had a good time.

Sunday was a lot more chill (thank goodness) I hung out at the house and did laundry and noticed that my poor little Sophi was sitting on the back of the couch shivering so what better time than now to put her New pink Snuggie on her??

How cute is she? She actually wore it quite well, but it didn't last all that long. I don't get it, if I was her and I was cold I would want something extra!

Sunday afternoon I finally got around to painting, yes painting, (spray painting at that) some pumpkins for my porch.
I thought that they turned out Okay. The solid ones looked really good, but the stripes were a little bit harder to do than I expected but all and all I thought they turned out well.

I ended up switching the smaller solid green and brown one so that they were by the striped one of the same color, and it looks better. These may not be every ones flavor but I like them, they are fun, and different and easier than carving for me!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend.
P.S. my birthday is Thursday so hopefully Ill have some awesome presents to post about, and yes I know I still need to post some doggy pictures, Ill try to get to that this week too!

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