Sunday, November 22, 2009


Nate and I go eat lunch at the Tea Room downtown alot. I mean a lot. To the tune of us having our own table to sit at, no menus needed, and all the waitstaff knows who we are and what we want. So imagine my surprise when I see this little gem sitting in the walkway for sale. I absolutely fell in love with it immediately. It hard to tell by the pictures but the black and green is almost a felt material. The music sheet has some minor water damage but it just adds character.
If I was smart I would have claimed it for my house immediately, but I said lets see if it looks good in Nate's green room which is a second living room area thing, and now it hangs in Nate's red bedroom. Dang but oh well. Surely I can find something as unique and awesome for my house too!

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