Wednesday, December 30, 2009


In a Nutshell was a hard year.

I spend 6 months basically watching my Mema die from cancer, and then 4 months later lose my precious baby dog Gus.
There are always hard times with a job, and a boyfriend, and life in general, it just seems I have had my fair share this year.
I am ready to begin 2010.
I am going to go in with a broken heart, but a good attitude regarding the future.

The couple of positive things that came out of Gus's departure is that Nate and I are now able to have children if and when the days comes we decide too, I have always been undecided on children mostly because I knew having one would devastate my Gus. Ive watched my friends that were absolutely in love with their dog(s) and then they have a child and no longer care about the puppies. I didn't want to do that to Gus, it would have broken his heart.
Also, since I bought my house for Gus, it is not the same without him, it no longer feels like my home, it just feels like a house. So when Nate gets around to finishing his remodeling the girls and I will prob move in with him for a year or two until we can buy or build our own house. Ill either put mine on the market or rent it out.

So here's hoping 2010 is a better year.

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  1. Wow. A lot of big changes! I can't wait for Car-Nate babies! :)