Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So I never do those weekly blog "topics" that some people do, like wordless Wednesday and stuff like that but I ran across one today that said post 5 pictures of things you are thankful for and I thought "Hey why not"
So here it goes.

And not just the weenie dogs but all my babies, I am so thankful to have them in my life and especially thankful for the time I had with Sophie and Gus.

#4 My momma. Shes always been there for me.

#3 Good friends. As I get older you realize who is in it for the long haul, and who will be there no matter if you talk everyday or once a month. You know you can always count on them

Friend Quote Pictures, Images and Photos
#2 My Faith. Ive had a lot of death and loss in the last year and I don't think I would have been able to make it through without my faith.

#1 This guy.

Need I say more?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

kids are like..... must have more than one so they can entertain each other.

Those are my words of wisdom after having Nate's 5 year old with us all week.

Don't get me wrong, he was good and I enjoyed it..but I don't see me ready for a child anytime soon! hahaha. Unless its twins that can take care of themselves and entertain themselves from birth on, and I don't think that is quite how it works! :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Playing a little catch up

I know I have been a horrible blogger the past few months, but in my defense there have been lots of changes. After Christmas Nate and I moved in together into his house and began the remodeling process.
And now 6 months later we are still in the remodeling process, things are slowly but surely getting accomplished. We do not seem to be reducing our to-do list, as every time we finish a project we think of something else we want to do, but oh well, we have fun and we enjoy changing the house up.
My house is rented to a sheriffs deputy friend of ours and his son, it worked out great, they needed a place to stay and I needed to have someone there. I don't actually get paid rent, but they take care of the house and the utilities, plus there is some work I need to do before I can get actual paying renters in there like finish redoing the wood floors and paint touch ups, nothing too big but nothing that I want to do while we are working on Nate's house, and ( I know this makes me sound old) but I don't have to mess with my house insurance and change it as long as someone is living there but not paying me rent. :)

I also bought a new car, my mom bought her a brand new BMW, so I bought hers. I was looking at a Mini Cooper(made by BMW) but a got a real BMW for less than a mini cooper, so I'm happy. Except for I already backed into a trailer hitch and have to replace the bumper but oh well.

We attended a wedding last weekend that just happened to be Nate's best friend since 3rd grade So naturally Nate was best man. It was a lovely time and hopefully Ill find some time to put some pictures of that and the house remodel up soon!

Hope all is well with everyone!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Littlest One

Sophie joined Gus in heaven this weekend.
She got attacked by something in the backyard and did not survive.
I am just at a loss at this time in my life, in the last year I lost one Mema and 2 baby dogs. These two dogs meant more to me than some children mean to their parents. I could not have asked for two better dogs, and I could not have loved them more.
I will miss her and Gus forever.

Rest in peace baby dogs, Momma will see you again.

PS I hope I don't sound cold in this blog because I am truly devastated by my loss and the tragic way she went, I cannot imagine the terror and pain and suffering she must have endured and I don't know If I will ever be able to forgive my self for not being there for her.

Lola was also attacked with Sophie, Im not sure who was attacked first and who intervened but thankfully Lola is going to be okay, she beat up and sore and lots of puncture wounds but we have antibitoics, wound cleaner and pain pills from the vet so she should make a full recovery.

Here it is

The house I want Nate and I to spend the rest of our lives (until we retire in Mexico) in.
Granted we are not in the house market just yet, but in a few years maybe, if I can convince him! ha ha.

The front view.

The backyard, our patio cover is just like this one, except Nate built ours, this one is already constructed. :) Plus 1.

Game room. Obviously needs a new paint job, but we do already have a pool table to put in it. Plus 2

Master bath, ahhhh relaxation.

Bedroom, our bedroom now is red, and this one is too. Plus 3

Formal dining room, love the windows as would my plants! Plus 4
Kitchen, not crazy about the green but love the white cabinets, and Nate loves to cook and is always saying he needs double ovens, well look there, double ovens! Plus 6
And the stone fireplace, which Nate has also said he always wanted. Okay I lost count of the plus points at this time!
Close up on entry way. Nate and I like symmetry, which this house has! More pluses!!!
Here is the WFAR description!
Custom built home on 5+ wooded acres. Great curb appeal. Tall Ceilings. Stained concrete floors. This home has great flow. 8 FT double doors. Gourmet kitchen, stainless appliances, double 30" ovens, island, breakfast room and formal dining. Rock fireplace in family room.Master Suite has large slate walk-in shower, separate tub and separate vanities. Texas size walk-in closet. Seperate wing for children.Two Covered Patios. Country Living at its BEST. Really Close to the City .
Seriously does it get any better than seperate vanties, texas size walk in closet and seperate wing for children?
Did I mention we already live on 5+ acres and that Nate wants to always live out in country?
Oh why cant we be in the house market right now? DANG!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I resolute to make no resolutions

So Ive never been one of those people that make a bunch of New Years Resolutions and then break them. I try to set some (attainable) goals for the year but I refuse to call them resolutions.

Goal 1. Lose pesky 3-5 pounds that keep coming back, get down to and stay at 125 lbs but don't fight it. If my body wants to be at 130 so be it.

Goal 2. To forever remember the good times and the love I have for my Mema and Gus who both passed away last year.

Goal 3. To work on my and Nate's relationship and keep it strong and try to be more affectionate and appreciative of all that he does.

Goal 4. FINISH NATE'S HOUSE! ugh. its like the project that never ends.

Goal 5. If Goal 4 fails, at the very least have all tile installed in both bathrooms and kitchen, have master bath done, pink room finished and some sort of floor in pink and green rooms by no later than this summer.

Goal 6. Be less judgemental (already trying) and be a better person all around

Goal 7. Work on my relationship with God and find a church for me.

Number 7 is extremely important to me, I have felt like something is missing from my life for a while now and I do believe that a church home and a strong relationship with The Lord is what I am lacking.

Hope the year has started off just fabulously for everyone!