Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I resolute to make no resolutions

So Ive never been one of those people that make a bunch of New Years Resolutions and then break them. I try to set some (attainable) goals for the year but I refuse to call them resolutions.

Goal 1. Lose pesky 3-5 pounds that keep coming back, get down to and stay at 125 lbs but don't fight it. If my body wants to be at 130 so be it.

Goal 2. To forever remember the good times and the love I have for my Mema and Gus who both passed away last year.

Goal 3. To work on my and Nate's relationship and keep it strong and try to be more affectionate and appreciative of all that he does.

Goal 4. FINISH NATE'S HOUSE! ugh. its like the project that never ends.

Goal 5. If Goal 4 fails, at the very least have all tile installed in both bathrooms and kitchen, have master bath done, pink room finished and some sort of floor in pink and green rooms by no later than this summer.

Goal 6. Be less judgemental (already trying) and be a better person all around

Goal 7. Work on my relationship with God and find a church for me.

Number 7 is extremely important to me, I have felt like something is missing from my life for a while now and I do believe that a church home and a strong relationship with The Lord is what I am lacking.

Hope the year has started off just fabulously for everyone!

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