Monday, June 7, 2010

Playing a little catch up

I know I have been a horrible blogger the past few months, but in my defense there have been lots of changes. After Christmas Nate and I moved in together into his house and began the remodeling process.
And now 6 months later we are still in the remodeling process, things are slowly but surely getting accomplished. We do not seem to be reducing our to-do list, as every time we finish a project we think of something else we want to do, but oh well, we have fun and we enjoy changing the house up.
My house is rented to a sheriffs deputy friend of ours and his son, it worked out great, they needed a place to stay and I needed to have someone there. I don't actually get paid rent, but they take care of the house and the utilities, plus there is some work I need to do before I can get actual paying renters in there like finish redoing the wood floors and paint touch ups, nothing too big but nothing that I want to do while we are working on Nate's house, and ( I know this makes me sound old) but I don't have to mess with my house insurance and change it as long as someone is living there but not paying me rent. :)

I also bought a new car, my mom bought her a brand new BMW, so I bought hers. I was looking at a Mini Cooper(made by BMW) but a got a real BMW for less than a mini cooper, so I'm happy. Except for I already backed into a trailer hitch and have to replace the bumper but oh well.

We attended a wedding last weekend that just happened to be Nate's best friend since 3rd grade So naturally Nate was best man. It was a lovely time and hopefully Ill find some time to put some pictures of that and the house remodel up soon!

Hope all is well with everyone!

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