Monday, February 28, 2011

The changing....

"Of the Closets"

That's what I did this weekend.
I took all my long sleeve, 3 quarter length sleeve and all winter apparel out of my main closet and into the guest room closet and replaced them with all my dresses/skirts/spring/summer clothes.
Now comes the "fun" part, going through everything in the spring/summer wardrobe that I might get rid of...
It's so hard! I cleaned out all my closets December 2009 when I moved in with Nate and got rid of 7 or 8 big black trash bags full of clothes and now its time again.  It gets harder and harder. Like my blue Calvin Klein heels, I have never worn them but they are SUPER cute and I hate to get rid of them but my shoes and closets are getting a tad overwhelming so I know what needs to be done, anything that is never worn or occasionally worn like some tube tops (Nate HATES tube tops) will probably go, but not my super cute tube tob dresses...Sorry honey!
Plus I am wanting to start investing in what I call "Statement pieces" I realize that these articles of clothing will most likely cost more, since they are not the kind of clothes I can buy at Old Navy. BTW I heart Old Navy and Gap. But I feel like spending more money on fewer items will be better in the long run instead of buying lots of items on the sale rack at Dillard's that everyone and their momma owns already.  Plus maybe I wont have to clean out my closets every season!!! 
I am going to start statement shopping with my mom when we take a mini vaca to Dallas next month. She is turning the big 5-0, and she probably wont like that I outed her on my blog, but I am really looking forward to this trip. It will be a total pampering/shopping/relaxing weekend with lots of vintage store shopping, high end store shopping, possible botox(ing),  and maybe some spa time. I really want to look into getting extensions for the bridal portraits and my wedding.  I don't know anywhere in town that offers them so I figured I could go to Dallas and get them done a couple of days before, but I am still pretty undecided on them so I need to do some more research. 
So that's all that's happening in Carla World.

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