Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Day

Happy Valentines Day to all!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day, even when I was single I didn't hate Valentines, I realized I could be happy just knowing I was loved by my family, Friends, and baby dogs!

Also I have learned not to put too much pressure or too high of hopes for this day.
When I was dating Michael Hitt we planned to go out to a nice restaurant one Valentines evening. Well he didn't get off work until like 8 or so and by the time we got out all the placed had like 2-3 hour waits so we ate at McDonalds all dressed up! hahahaha.

Nate and I have just a relaxing night planned since we went out to eat at lunch.

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  1. Dustin and I went and ate hot wings (in hopes spicy food will get labor started, plus we love wings. lol) and to a movie. He bought me a piece of cake. Best v-day ever!