Saturday, February 19, 2011

In a nutshell

My week was crazy.

Crazy busy at work.
Crazy at home.
Wednesday night after work and after going to Rockwood and picking out paint colors and throwing away some of the junk that I still have other there, I finally get home and notice something is wrong with my Lola. Lola ,as you know, is the red dachshund and the only one of the 3 dogs I had by myself that is still around. So I get to examining her and I notice that her left canine tooth is sticking straight out sideways instead of down like its suppose to, her nose is bleeding and her leg back paw is torn up. So we head straight to the vet and schedule a tooth extraction surgery for the next morning. Apparently the canine is a long tooth and is attached to her sinuses hint the nose bleed. I am still not sure what happened to her but I believe her paw got stuck on something and she went to bite it out and ripped her tooth out (she had terrible teeth when I inherited her).
So I took Thursday off from work, dropped Lola off at the vet, went to Iowa Park and got the Beamers oil changed because BMW wont just let you do that anywhere it needs a special kind of oil etc etc (which ends up costing a $100 every freaking time), went by Kelly Moore and bought 15 gallons worth of paint for Rockwood, ran some errands and then picked up a dopey Lola from the vet. She is doing well, or so Nate says since I am in Dallas with my papa. I am glad I took the day off because I got a lot of stuff done that needed to be done before I left town Friday afternoon and I was wondering how I was going to accomplish it all
But lo and behold we did get some great news Thursday night, the chemo worked, and my papas leukemia is in remission! YAY! We are hoping to have him home early next week and it is not a minute too soon. He has never been one to just stay home he has always been on the go, so sitting in the hospital for going on 4 weeks now is enough to drive him crazy!

Well that's all I know as of now, I hope everyone gets out and enjoys this beautiful weather this weekend.

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