Friday, February 25, 2011

Need a good read?

Well I have some suggestions

1. Decision Points by George W. Bush.

Whether you are Republican or Democrat or anything in between I think you can appreciate this book. He does a really good job of saying, This is the decision I made, here is why I made it, and then whether he believed it worked or didn't work, why, and what he would have done differently looking back. It really gives an insiders view into his thought process and it is fascinating

2. Doctor Dealer by Mark Bowden.

A fascinating true story of a guy who started out selling pot in college and grew to one of the biggest cocaine dealers in America.

3. The Innocent Man by John Grisham.

This one really hits home, it is a true story from Ada, Oklahoma (which isn't too far from my home in North Texas) of 2 girls that were murdered and the injustices of the accused(and not guilty) men that were charged. The Constitutional Rights that were ignored and the acts of the District Attorney and police are just atrocious. It will stir up emotions of anger and disgust and disbelief.

I have also been reading a lot of book on serial killers, weird I know, maybe its my Criminal Justice degree or maybe I am just different but they fascinate me. I just got done reading about the Zodiac killer and I am just in awe of the acts these people commit. I can't even hit a bird or a squirrel without crying, so the books continue to bewilder me.Luckily for me, my Husband-to-be is a Doctor of Criminology and Criminal Justice so there is never a shortage of interesting reads around our house and his office.

If light hearted reads are more your thing, I recommed anything by Chelsea Handler. I have read her two books and she is HIGHlarious!

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