Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Paging Dr. Herrman...Dr. Peewee Herrman

Update: Papa is responding well to the chemo, his white blood cell count is down to about .05% and the chemo is officially over today. He had 7 days of 24 hour chemo and three of those days he also had 30 minutes of another kind of chemo but luckily that is all over. He will hit a low this week and then hopefully start building back up some healthy cells and be in remission.
I am heading back down Friday when I get off work at 2 and spending the weekend, and my dad and aunt are alternating days during the week so he is never alone. Last week due to the snow I had Tues-Fri off so I went down to Dallas on Thursday and it took me 6 freaking hours for a 2.5 hour drive! That's the only time in the last two months since I quit smoking that I have wanted a freaking cigarette! It was solid ice the whole way until I hit Richardson then it was nothing but traffic, pretty sure I didn't go above 35-40 miles per hour the entire way, but thank goodness I don't have to worry about that this week.
So I'm still asking for prayers for his speedy recovery and remission!

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