Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wedding deets

So here I sit on my weekend duty with papa at Medical city in Dallas and we are just chilling, he has showered, we have walked around a few times, got his two blood transfusions today and everything is going well. He is feeling better and getting stronger and more bored with everyday. He is beyond ready to go home but due to the chemo he has no resistance to illness or infection, they will do a bone marrow on Wednesday and we shall know something then.

Now on to the wedding. It will be a traditional ceremony at First Christian with Dr. Hartman officiating, I have already bought my dress, I actually just went to Davids and it ended up being the first dress I tried on. Its a beautiful white long strapless dress with a small train and has flowers applied on it with diamonds and pearls in the middle. I really wanted Christian Louboutin shoes but couldn't find any that I really just fell in love with so I found a pair on Bagdley Mischas that just went perfect and promptly ordered them from Nordstroms! Unfortunately I cant find a picture of the dress anywhere online but here are the shoes, obviously they are in white and not pink.

Not the most comfortable shoes but they were actually reasonably priced unlike Louboutins! hahah.
I have 4 bridesmaids, Jenni Tate (matron of Honor), Kristi Park (maid of honor), Jennifer Huff, and Tara Boyette(Nate's cousin that I just love, she is so funny)
They will all be wearing solid black knee length(ish) dresses that are super cute with whatever black shoes they want due to Jenni does not wear heels, Kristi is super short and only wear heels etc.

The reception will be at the Wellington, and we hired Paula at Designing Spaces to due all the flowers and decorations and she has been wonderful. She is doing some fabulous arrangements for the tables etc. I have also incorporated a little bit of dachshund into my wedding. I have a small black dachshund brooch for my bouquet and a small set a bride/groom dachshunds to be set out.

We are doing customized coozies as wedding gifts and I have already bought my something new(everything), something blue (a white and pearl 3 strand bracelet that has one blue pearl on each strand), something old (my grandmas wedding ring set as well as her mothers ring which has the three diamonds from my papas wedding ring in it), the wedding set is also my something borrowed since my mema left it to my aunt, and I think that covers it.
Nate will be in a simple black tux with ( i think) a silver vest and tie. I have left his outfit and the groomsmen decisions up to him.
He has been an enormous help, hes been the wedding planner actually. He has planned numerous large meetings and conferences so he is a pro and very excited and has handled most of the big decisions himself.
I would have been more than happy with about 50 people at the wedding but the total is closer to 150, but that's okay, it is what he wants.
Our cakes are from Kathy's. Mine is a simple three tier white very simple cake with some criss/cross lines on it and edible diamonds and pearls where the lines meet with green ribbon on the bottom of the layers. Its a lot prettier than my description lets on.
Nate's grooms cake is a beach themed with a wave of water (icing) coming across on it. Its really cool looking.

Well that's all for now, i am really going to try to be a better blogger its just been difficult to find the time!
Hope all is well with all 5 of my followers! :)


  1. I'M READING! It all sounds great. Thinking of you and your family xoxo

  2. I am reading too!!! All the wedding plans sounds great... I feel so out of the loop. Just curious, does matron just mean that I am married... or just old? lol