Monday, March 7, 2011

It's a beautiful morning.

And It was a fabulous weekend.

Friday night Nate and I went to an early dinner at Pasqual's and then went to see the Irish Band, The Brock Maguire Band. They were really good. I didn't really know what to expect. But they were a 4 person jam session. One guy played piano/keyboard, one played two different types of accordions, one played 2 different fiddles and one played the mandolin and banjo.

Saturday we got up, went and ate some breakfast, and went to the dog show at the MPEC and watched the dachshunds parade around. I love me some weenie dogs!
After that I got home and went through my closets and got all of my spring/summer stuff that I don't want/need/ or like anymore and gathered it all up to take to donation or to resale.
Also, most importantly I took a nap!

Sunday Nate and I gave the house a good spring cleaning and spent a much needed few hours on that, I washed all of our clothes, sheets, blankets, etc, and went through all of Connor's old clothes to give to my cousin and his fiance' for her 2 year old little boy. 
Also, most importantly I took a 3 hour nap!
When I awoke from my slumber  Nate had a wonderful dinner cooked and we spent the evening watching our Sunday night line up of shows that we enjoy. 

All and All it was a very enjoyable weekend.*

* Due to previous post there are no pictures!   :)

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