Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Super Excited

About my 4 day weekend!

Tomorrow I get my hair did and then my mom and I are headed out to the Big D. Dallas it is for a three day shopping spree that will encompass her turning the big 5-0 on Friday!  Happy Birthday MOM!

We will start in Allen because they have a FABULOUS outlet mall, and will hit every DSW we can find for shoes. We love shoes. Usually my mom comes back with as many as 5 new pairs!
 Friday we are going to hit up all the vintage stores in Dallas. I want to find a 60's style mod dress for my engagement pictures with the plane Nate and I are doing. I thought a mod dress and some big sunglasses and vintage luggage would look awesome! Maybe I can even get Nate to wear a 60's style or 70's leisure suit! :)
Don't get me wrong we will also have some more "traditional" pictures as well.

Friday night I'm taking my mom to dinner at Don Julio's(her choice) for her birthday followed by whatever she wants to do.

Saturday we are going to a huge craft show in Fort Worth that supports the humane society and local animal shelters. Check it out at Funky Finds

After that we will head home because I have Miss Jodie White's last meal before she turns into Mrs. Jodie Wade. I'm super excited about that too. All the girls at Pasquals. Should be a great ending to a great weekend.

Do you have big plans for the weekend?

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