Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I received an email from a friend yesterday updating on her life, blog etc and something she said really stuck out to me. She "warned" us and somewhat apologized for her blog seeming vane.  It really got me thinking..Aren't all blogs vane? Isn't vanity the main theme of blogs??
Here's my blog, my little slice of the Internet, here is information about me, my life, my likes/dislikes, hobbies etc.  Vanity. in. a. nutshell.

Take my blog for example, it seems extremely materialistic. In reality I'm sure I seem that way, but I am really not.  I drive a BMW because I got a good deal on it and yes I like nice things but I take great pride in being able to afford these things, I work hard and I reward myself, and when I couldn't afford them I didn't buy them. Plain and Simple. I have never wanted nice things for show or cared what people thought about them. I buy them for me and me only.  I do enjoy nice things but obviously my true loves are my fiance', my baby dogs, my family and my friends. 
Just a little point from my view.  :)

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