Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Was one of those days that I kicked ass at!
Finally got caught up at work from being gone, called and got prices on new tires for the Beamer, and by the way OUCH!, run flats are crazy high! Took the car to see about getting bumper fixed where I backed into the trailer hitch and he can do it without replacing it! YAY!
Called the lady to clean Rockwood and set up an appt with my Realtor to put it on the market! We meet with her tonight after work and I am super excited but also kind of sad. I loved that house. It makes me miss the days when it was just me, and Gus, Sophie, and Lola.  But life goes on, the house is not the same without the Gusser Bear and Littlest one(Sophie) and Lola and I are happy at our new home. It just seems like the end of an era. The end of Carla-the single, self-sufficient, home owner. Not that all that is bad it's just different. I bought that house at 24 so Gus could have a backyard and I could have a place to call my own and am so proud of being able to do that, but I know it will make someone else just as happy as it made me. 

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  1. I went and looked online, the house looks great!!!