Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Busy rest of the month

So on top of being extremely busy at work, I have a full month ahead of me.

One of Nate's good friends is in the country for the week and staying with us so we went to OTB last night. It made me sick, but I lost 4/10's of a pound so thats a plus! He will be with us until Sunday or Monday. 

Tonight, Jodie, Jennifer, Kimber and I are going to Pasquals to celebrate Jodie's birthday. She turned  the big 2-5 yesterday. It's officially time for her quarter life crisis! Im looking forward to some much needed girl time.
Tomorrow night I am meeting my mom and her friends for their once a month "Champagne Thursday". Basically they get together eat goodies and enjoy some champagne and each others company. One lady sells wedding invites, bridal gifts etc etc so I am getting her books from her and going to pick out the invitiations, guest book and some other little things we are lacking for the upcoming nuptuals. 

Next week I spend the whole week getting my hair, nails, toes, tanning done for the bridal portraits that are on Saturday, Thank goodness I have Friday off. The following Sunday is Easter so Ill attend church and lunch with my momma, and Nate is flying up to Delaware picking up Connor, Flying back and we will have a 6 year old with us for the next week. 
On the 25th I start boot camp with Kimber, which we are calling "Bridal Booty Camp" since she is also planning her wedding.  Its 3 times a week for 6 weeks of pure torture Im sure, but I am looking forward to it (for now)  :)

ON the 19th I agreed to particiapte in a Focus Group at the Wichita Falls Teachers Federal Credit Union, I worked there for the 4 years I was in college and a year after I graduated until I moved here to BLS, and I am still a member there with alot of my accounts still with them so I am always willing to help and give my opinion when asked. 

ON the 30th that morning I am particiapteing in the Autism Awareness walk that my friend, and photographer, Jessica Bailey, is coordinating and that evening my cousin is coming in from Fort Hood before he leaves from Afghanistan so my aunt is throwing a party for family and friends. And sometime in the next week Pat King goes in for another round of preventavtive chemo for his Leukemia which means Ill be spending time at the hospital and helping take care of his house while he's there.

WHEW! I'm looking forward to everything but I am ready for things to settle back down, but something tells me they won't until after Spetember 24th, 2011, which of course is the wedding day.   

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