Friday, April 15, 2011

I know its wrong...

And unhealthy, but I just can't help myself. Its the better option right now. 
Yes I bought a month of fake tanning.
It was really my only option. At least I am only going 8-10 minutes a day and not 20 like I used to.
I have bridals coming up and I have heard too many horror stories about spray tans and streaks and coming out orange, so I thought about getting the airbrush tan, but I'm an exfoliator (think I just made that word up). I LOVE to exfoliate. face, necks, chest, back, legs, everything. At least once a day.  I figured exfoliating with an airbrush tan is not a good thing. I don't want to be streaky in my wedding dress or have the color rub off and potentially stain the dress, but I don't want to be as white as my dress either.
So tanning bed it is.
For one month. 8-10 minutes 6 days a week.
That will cover me for bridals and engagements and then it will be lake season so I will have an au naturale tan. And yes I had to buy a bandeau top (tube top) bathing suit so I wouldn't have tan lines on my shoulders and neck in my wedding and I do not like tube top bathing suits, they are rarely flattering but oh well.  I shall be lounging out in my tube top and boy shorts this summer!

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  1. I'm tanning too. I burned the other day, ouch.