Thursday, April 7, 2011


Didya miss me?

Well Nate and I took a mini vacay to New Orleans last weekend. He had a conference in Louisiana this week so we left last Thursday and drove to New Orleans and stayed the weekend. It was my first time there and I think everyone should go just to see it and experience something different. We stayed at an Awesome hotel right on Bourbon Street called Royal Sonesta. It takes up a whole block of the French Quarter, and our room overlooked Bourbon Street. We had a great time just walking around and looking at the shops and street vendors and artists. Unfortunately I am a horrible photographer and only got one picture of us and its on Nate's camera, so hopefully one day Ill get it uploaded! We must have walked close to 10 miles in the three days!
We also took a cruise on the The Natchez, up the Mississippi which was pretty neat. I had never been on a steamboat nor on the Mississippi river.
I flew back on Sunday and Nate drove to his conference in Lafayette and he should be back this afternoon sometime and I am ready to see him! Ive missed him, plus I don't know how to work the thermostat at the house (since I never mess with it!) so its been set on some weird temperature hahaha.


  1. I went to NOLA for the first time in October. I LOVED IT. I'll be back this October for a conference I'm excited. It's only about 5.5 hours from here. How far was it from WF?

  2. Its about 10.5 hours! Most of it spent in the great state of Texas.