Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Celebrity Crush

Its not one of those gay guys like Robert Pattinson, or some other trendy guy it's drum roll please.......Zane Lamprey

He is the host of two different shows, one is his old show Three Sheets which is re airing on Spike TV where he travels the globe in search of local drinks and culture.
His other show is current and called Drinking Made Easy it currently is on the channel HDNET (which is owned by Mark Cuban, also owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team for those who don't know) and its HIGHlarious! In this one he goes to different towns in the United States with a couple of his friends and gives reviews of bars and local drinks and customs. It's really interesting and very entertaining!

He is so sarcastic and funny, I think that is what makes him so charming because obviously there are better looking actors, TV personalities etc.
But I really enjoy his shows and him and you should CH Ch Check them out!

PS yes Nate knows and is okay with my crush!  :)

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