Saturday, August 20, 2011

So busy

I have been a horrible blogger but this summer has been so busy. Nate's son has been with us since the first of July and just went back to his mother this weekend. Having a small child around full time for that long is a big adjustment for me!
Also the wedding is a little over a month away so it's time for the last meetings with preacher, decorator, the Wellington etc. Invitations are out and RSVPs are coming in so it's slowly but surely going to be here!!
I can't wait for it to be over and get back to working on the house and getting it ready to sell so we can get a house that's ours. That was our deal, I sell mine(check), he sells his and we buy ours. It's not that we need bigger but I def want different. This is not the style of house I would purchase plus there is so much building going on out here we are going to have to look further out in Archer county which is fine with both of us.
So yeah work, Nate's kid, and wedding is all that's been going on. Except for a quick trip to Colorado for Kimbers wedding which was fabulous and a much needed break from the heat and now comes the showers and dinner parties for me!!! :)

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