Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekend of Christmas

I am one that gets all of my Christmas decor out the day after Thanksgiving(and puts it away the day after Christmas). You will never see a Christmas light in sight at my house before Black Friday. I believe one Holiday at a time!
But naturally if you get it out that early you have to start your projects a little before hand!

The first thing I wanted to make were two Christmas Ornament Topiary I saw on pinterest from here .
I wanted it in red and silver though. ( We have two trees always, a real one with red and silver decor to display in our formal living area that can be seen through our windows, and a small white, silver and black tree, that was mine from when I owned my house with Burgundy walls in the living room so naturally the "normal" colors would not look great. )
They were super easy to make.
Here the ball is painted, and tops are taken off the ornaments, sorry for the pitiful pics but my IPhone continually lets me down in the picture taking dept.
Slowly hot gluing the ornaments to the ball. I pushed the tops in a little way into the ball with the hot glue on them hopefully they will stay.

Letting the clay dry in the glass holder. They are quite top heavy as you can imagine.
And finally done! Since my glass was not frosted and you could see the clay I glued a ribbon around the glass and attached a bow at the front! They look great sitting together in my living room.

Next was my coffee filter wreath. These are all over Pinterest so I don't have a specific link I used. But it was super easy. Buy wreath, I used Styrofoam because I love it. I wrapped the filter around the tip of a large sharpie and started gluing. Very easy, didn't take too terribly long and 104 coffee filters later I was done.

I love the simplicity of it but I feel it may need a little more, like some small red letters "JOY" or something. Time will tell. I actually made this for my front door and then discovered my glass door would not close with this on the actual door! ha ha. Oh well it looks just as nice in my living room!

Next up: tissue and pine cone trees!

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