Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Birthday Ornaments

So my Friend Kimber's birthday is today and I can finally show you what I made her.
I took a 4 pack of the plain, clear glass ornaments and first sprayed painted them with glitter spray. Didn't work out quite like a wanted them to. I ended up spraying them 4 or five times and you can still just barely see them purple glitter, I would highly recommend using some sort of method of putting the glitter and rolling it around on the inside. But anyway, I then hot glued peacock feathers to the top on the inside. Kimber loves anything peacock. Her wedding colors were brown and turquoise with peacock feathers everywhere, it was beautiful and when she told me she wanted to do her Christmas tree like that I knew what I had to make her.

So here is the finished product, very simple and elegant and when the Christmas lights hit them just right they really sparkle!

I thought I was being all crafty and came up with this on my own but then a few days ago I saw this on pinterest. Oh well, mine is not exactly the same!

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