Thursday, December 1, 2011


So here's how it started, I wanted a copper topped table.

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So we searched for copper, and by searched I mean we went to my husbands (then just my new boyfriend) parent's shop and found two huge copper sheets, one thin and one thick.
And then we searched for a company to roll it out and ding it since neither was big enough to cover our table top. No dice. None, Whatsoever. NO one we found could handle copper since apparently it is not an easy metal to thin out? Who knew.

So no copper table top. Boo.
But, we still wanted to use the copper so we decided to make something to go over our fireplace with the smaller thinner sheet.

Obviously this was made for his house since at the time we were not married, nor even engaged. But it was actually quite simple to make.
We stenciled on the letters, then wonderful husband used a plasma cutter to cut them out. We sanded around the inside edges just a little and the top a little to give it a weathered look.
Next I stained some wood baseboards and we cut and screwed them to the back, that way I can change them out if I want a lighter wood color or a totally different colored frame etc.
WE then hung with some heavy heavy duty wire above the fireplace where it resides. The awesome thing about copper is the longer you have it the more oxidized it will become and still look awesome. We did this about three years ago and it has not changed at all but I'm hopeful, but I love it just like it is.
Obviously these pictures are not on the fireplace but I took it down to hang a wreath for Christmas so I thought I would share this little project.
Unfortunately if you don't have copper or a plasma cutter available this could become a pretty expensive DIY project but in my opinion it is very worthwhile for a one of a kind conversation piece.

And once again sorry for the poor picture quality, I will be investing in a new iphone ASAP with flash which should help, or I could just go find my digital camera I guess!  :)

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  1. I noticed your Moran art in your mantle picture and loved it. at first I thought it was a mirror you painted with copper paint, but now that I know the story behind it it's all the more special. Look at how crafty you guys are!

    Feel free to check out - it's a blogger I like craft/random site. Her and her husband are big DIYers and very crafty!