Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crafting after Christmas

I was discussing with wonderful husband last night about what to do after Christmas? Obviously Christmas crafts are everywhere right now, but what do you do afterward? I am not the type of girl who decorates the house for every holiday, we will have no Valentines decor, or News years crafts. So the question is what do you do?
Well my next focus will be the house. We worked on the house like crazy for a couple of years and then all the time and effort (and funds) went towards the wedding, which reminds me I should upload a few pictures of that, it was beautiful!
Any who, I want to start with the dining room table I purchased but I need ideas. I love the table with the pedestal bottom but the chairs leave a little to be desired. I will get pictures of them and hopefully some of you readers can leave me ideas on what to do!

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