Thursday, December 29, 2011

Crosses (updated)

I saw these Styrofoam crosses at Hobby Lobby and just knew I had to have them.
Because I, like so many others, have a wall of mix/match crosses behind my dining room table(with the chairs that still need to be redone).
Which reminds me I should take a picture and show the wall and the chairs, but anyway.
I just knew I could do something with these and add them to the collection.
I found some inspiration here for one of them, but the other one I'm not sure.

I've debated using the Mod Podge glitter method (mixing mod podge with glitter and painting on)but I'm not sure how that would hold up on the foam, I thought maybe Mod Podge fabric or paper on it, but I really want to do something different and unique. I tried using some river rocks I already have but...

I think it would be too heavy and it just wasn't the look I wanted even though I would have painted the cross brown first so blend in more with the rocks...
So I am open to ideas.

If you have any please share!

So I posted on Styrocrafts facebook page asking them what to do and here is the response:

Me: So I bought two Styrofoam crosses and not sure what to do to them beside wrapping in twine or ribbon. Any ideas??

Them: StyroCrafts We do have ideas for you, Carla:

 ‎1. Paint them with an acrylic craft paint

 ‎2. Decoupage them using tissue paper or scrapbook paper and Mod Podge (there are so many pretty papers to choose from!)

3.Cover with flowers -- trim stems of silk flowers to about 1" long, and then glue and insert the flower stems into the foam crosses.

‎4. Cover with ribbon loops -- cut ribbon into 2" lengths (about), form a loop and wire the loop to a wood pick. Insert the pick into the foam cross.

 Me: Carla Moran Thank you sooo much! Those are great! I appreciate it!

So now I just have to decide!


  1. How about covering it with those flat sheets of moss you can find at the Dollar Tree. That would go well with the jute-covered one.

  2. That is a great idea!! I think i just might do that!! Thank you so much!