Monday, December 19, 2011


I'm excited to show you the easy gifts I made for my 3 close girlfriends. Homemade peppermint scrub I found here and Homemade cinnamon butter that I originally found here.
The scrub was super easy to make and smelled great. The cinnamon butter recipe didn't quite taste right to me, it wasn't bad, it just wasn't was I was looking for so I ended up going with this. It was super delicious.
The recipe reminded me of the movie Steel Magnolias. When Dolly Parton is telling the girls the recipe "a cup, a cup, a cup." haha.
So cue in some $2 jars from Hobby lobby, some scrapbook paper, mod podge, cellophane and some ribbon and you get this.

Jenni's present got the bag, due to the picture frame and picture I gave her from my wedding.
I highly recommend these projects. Very easy, and very good!

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