Monday, December 5, 2011

The last Christmas Mantel Post

So I finally finished my Christmas Fireplace Mantel for 2011.
First I worked on the pine cone Styrofoam tree I mentioned last week that I got from here.
One piece of advice, use the realistic pine cones. As you will see the bottom two rows are from pine cones bought at Michael's, and they just didn't work. I went to Market Street and bought some more and I am not sure what the difference was but they obviously look better as you can see.Bottom of the tree

Top of the tree

and the completed tree.

Luckily this one sits in the back of the mantel so you cant see the last two ugly looking rows.

I also used three different links (ideas) for some Foil NOEL letters.
They are here, here, and here.
I haven't glued or nailed mine together yet, but probably will do something like that for next year. I didn't take any "in process" pictures because its just tin foil Mod Podged on to the cardboard letters I got at Hobby Lobby.  

So here is my 2011 Christmas Mantel.
My husband and I are really happy with it and I hope it gives you some ideas of what to do, (or not to do!) I also included a suede weenie dog, and some snowglobes I already had.
Have a great day!

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