Monday, February 28, 2011

The changing....

"Of the Closets"

That's what I did this weekend.
I took all my long sleeve, 3 quarter length sleeve and all winter apparel out of my main closet and into the guest room closet and replaced them with all my dresses/skirts/spring/summer clothes.
Now comes the "fun" part, going through everything in the spring/summer wardrobe that I might get rid of...
It's so hard! I cleaned out all my closets December 2009 when I moved in with Nate and got rid of 7 or 8 big black trash bags full of clothes and now its time again.  It gets harder and harder. Like my blue Calvin Klein heels, I have never worn them but they are SUPER cute and I hate to get rid of them but my shoes and closets are getting a tad overwhelming so I know what needs to be done, anything that is never worn or occasionally worn like some tube tops (Nate HATES tube tops) will probably go, but not my super cute tube tob dresses...Sorry honey!
Plus I am wanting to start investing in what I call "Statement pieces" I realize that these articles of clothing will most likely cost more, since they are not the kind of clothes I can buy at Old Navy. BTW I heart Old Navy and Gap. But I feel like spending more money on fewer items will be better in the long run instead of buying lots of items on the sale rack at Dillard's that everyone and their momma owns already.  Plus maybe I wont have to clean out my closets every season!!! 
I am going to start statement shopping with my mom when we take a mini vaca to Dallas next month. She is turning the big 5-0, and she probably wont like that I outed her on my blog, but I am really looking forward to this trip. It will be a total pampering/shopping/relaxing weekend with lots of vintage store shopping, high end store shopping, possible botox(ing),  and maybe some spa time. I really want to look into getting extensions for the bridal portraits and my wedding.  I don't know anywhere in town that offers them so I figured I could go to Dallas and get them done a couple of days before, but I am still pretty undecided on them so I need to do some more research. 
So that's all that's happening in Carla World.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Need a good read?

Well I have some suggestions

1. Decision Points by George W. Bush.

Whether you are Republican or Democrat or anything in between I think you can appreciate this book. He does a really good job of saying, This is the decision I made, here is why I made it, and then whether he believed it worked or didn't work, why, and what he would have done differently looking back. It really gives an insiders view into his thought process and it is fascinating

2. Doctor Dealer by Mark Bowden.

A fascinating true story of a guy who started out selling pot in college and grew to one of the biggest cocaine dealers in America.

3. The Innocent Man by John Grisham.

This one really hits home, it is a true story from Ada, Oklahoma (which isn't too far from my home in North Texas) of 2 girls that were murdered and the injustices of the accused(and not guilty) men that were charged. The Constitutional Rights that were ignored and the acts of the District Attorney and police are just atrocious. It will stir up emotions of anger and disgust and disbelief.

I have also been reading a lot of book on serial killers, weird I know, maybe its my Criminal Justice degree or maybe I am just different but they fascinate me. I just got done reading about the Zodiac killer and I am just in awe of the acts these people commit. I can't even hit a bird or a squirrel without crying, so the books continue to bewilder me.Luckily for me, my Husband-to-be is a Doctor of Criminology and Criminal Justice so there is never a shortage of interesting reads around our house and his office.

If light hearted reads are more your thing, I recommed anything by Chelsea Handler. I have read her two books and she is HIGHlarious!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My go to outfit

Khaki pants, white shirt and possibly a jacket.

You can dress it up, nice khaki capris, white button down, ankle boots and a nice headband and viola!

Or like I did today, khaki chino(ish) pants, white cotton shirt, black belt and flats, jean jacket and Im ready to go. There are so many variations and yet they all look fresh, crisp and classy!
I  heart this combo!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


"YOUTH…is not a time of life-it is a State of Mind. It is not a matter or Ripe Cheeks, Red Lips and Supple Knees; it is a Temper of the Will, a Quality of the Imagination, a Vigor of the Emotions; it is a Freshness of the deep Springs of Life.

Youth means a Temperamental Predominance of Courage over Timidity, of the Appetite for Adventure over Love of Ease. This often exists in a Man of Fifty more than a boy of twenty.

Nobody grows Old by merely Living a Number of Years; People grow Old only by Deserting their ideals. Years wrinkle the Skin, but to give up Enthusiasm wrinkles the Soul. Worry, Doubt, Self Distrust, Fear and Despair-These are the long, long years that Bow the head and Turn the Growing Spirit back to Dust.

Whether Seventy or Sixteen, there is in every Being’s heart the love of Wonder, the sweet Amazement at the Stars and Starlike Things and Thoughts, the Undaunted Challenge of Events, the unfailing Child-like Appetite for what next and the Joy and the Game of Life.

You are as Young as your Faith, as Old as your Doubts, as Young as your Self-Confidence, as Old as your Fears; as Young as your Hope, as Old as your Despair.

In the Central place of your Heart there is a wireless Station; so long as it receives Messages of Beauty, Hope Cheer, Courage, Grandeur, and Power from earth, from Men and from the Infinite, so long are you Young.
When the Wires are all down and all the Central Places of Your Heart are covered with the Snow of Pessimism and the Ice of Cynicism, then are you Old indeed,and may God have mercy on your soul”

Author Unknown

Love this poem

Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh I love you soo

2011 BMW X6.

Too bad you run 60K, too bad that's more than I paid for my house on Rockwood, too bad you would cost like $1000.00 a month unless I want to deposit about 10,000 down payment.

I mean my next car will be another BMW, and it will be an SUV...just maybe not this one.   :)

BTW I totally just discovered the "stats" tab. How cool is that? I have viewers in Canada and all over the world coming to my little blog home! Welcome!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

In a nutshell

My week was crazy.

Crazy busy at work.
Crazy at home.
Wednesday night after work and after going to Rockwood and picking out paint colors and throwing away some of the junk that I still have other there, I finally get home and notice something is wrong with my Lola. Lola ,as you know, is the red dachshund and the only one of the 3 dogs I had by myself that is still around. So I get to examining her and I notice that her left canine tooth is sticking straight out sideways instead of down like its suppose to, her nose is bleeding and her leg back paw is torn up. So we head straight to the vet and schedule a tooth extraction surgery for the next morning. Apparently the canine is a long tooth and is attached to her sinuses hint the nose bleed. I am still not sure what happened to her but I believe her paw got stuck on something and she went to bite it out and ripped her tooth out (she had terrible teeth when I inherited her).
So I took Thursday off from work, dropped Lola off at the vet, went to Iowa Park and got the Beamers oil changed because BMW wont just let you do that anywhere it needs a special kind of oil etc etc (which ends up costing a $100 every freaking time), went by Kelly Moore and bought 15 gallons worth of paint for Rockwood, ran some errands and then picked up a dopey Lola from the vet. She is doing well, or so Nate says since I am in Dallas with my papa. I am glad I took the day off because I got a lot of stuff done that needed to be done before I left town Friday afternoon and I was wondering how I was going to accomplish it all
But lo and behold we did get some great news Thursday night, the chemo worked, and my papas leukemia is in remission! YAY! We are hoping to have him home early next week and it is not a minute too soon. He has never been one to just stay home he has always been on the go, so sitting in the hospital for going on 4 weeks now is enough to drive him crazy!

Well that's all I know as of now, I hope everyone gets out and enjoys this beautiful weather this weekend.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So I have a huge Kelly Moore painters wheel in my car with every paint color under the sun in it. Why you might ask, well my painter starts on Monday (and I need to pick out colors) and he has a lot of work to do. He will paint all baseboards, crown molding, walls and door frames, fix the back door, fix the ceiling in the sunroom, fix a few minor cracks in the walls, and fix the light switch in the bathroom. When I moved out all that needed to be done was paint and fix the ceiling in the sunroom. Lesson learned, Don't rent, especially to people you know. They will tear things up and leave them. Sucks. But oh well hopefully he will only take a week or so and I can get it cleaned and on the market! yay!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Makes you think

So yesterday I went to Braums to get some milk and I pulled up next to an old car, thinking nothing of it and I pop out of my BMW with my Coach bag and matching Coach shoes, and my engagement ring that cost more than his car(heck it cost more than my car! haha) and my biggest thought is should I pay with cash or my debit card....and then I notice the guy in the old rusted car, that most likely lived out of it. For a second I felt bad, like maybe I should have parked somewhere else, I actually felt bad for being able to afford nice things. Then I realized I shouldn't feel bad but I should take this as a reminder that I can lose them as fast as I buy them, that I need to keep working hard and saving money so I never end up like that.
So that was my motivation for the day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Day

Happy Valentines Day to all!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day, even when I was single I didn't hate Valentines, I realized I could be happy just knowing I was loved by my family, Friends, and baby dogs!

Also I have learned not to put too much pressure or too high of hopes for this day.
When I was dating Michael Hitt we planned to go out to a nice restaurant one Valentines evening. Well he didn't get off work until like 8 or so and by the time we got out all the placed had like 2-3 hour waits so we ate at McDonalds all dressed up! hahahaha.

Nate and I have just a relaxing night planned since we went out to eat at lunch.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wedding deets

So here I sit on my weekend duty with papa at Medical city in Dallas and we are just chilling, he has showered, we have walked around a few times, got his two blood transfusions today and everything is going well. He is feeling better and getting stronger and more bored with everyday. He is beyond ready to go home but due to the chemo he has no resistance to illness or infection, they will do a bone marrow on Wednesday and we shall know something then.

Now on to the wedding. It will be a traditional ceremony at First Christian with Dr. Hartman officiating, I have already bought my dress, I actually just went to Davids and it ended up being the first dress I tried on. Its a beautiful white long strapless dress with a small train and has flowers applied on it with diamonds and pearls in the middle. I really wanted Christian Louboutin shoes but couldn't find any that I really just fell in love with so I found a pair on Bagdley Mischas that just went perfect and promptly ordered them from Nordstroms! Unfortunately I cant find a picture of the dress anywhere online but here are the shoes, obviously they are in white and not pink.

Not the most comfortable shoes but they were actually reasonably priced unlike Louboutins! hahah.
I have 4 bridesmaids, Jenni Tate (matron of Honor), Kristi Park (maid of honor), Jennifer Huff, and Tara Boyette(Nate's cousin that I just love, she is so funny)
They will all be wearing solid black knee length(ish) dresses that are super cute with whatever black shoes they want due to Jenni does not wear heels, Kristi is super short and only wear heels etc.

The reception will be at the Wellington, and we hired Paula at Designing Spaces to due all the flowers and decorations and she has been wonderful. She is doing some fabulous arrangements for the tables etc. I have also incorporated a little bit of dachshund into my wedding. I have a small black dachshund brooch for my bouquet and a small set a bride/groom dachshunds to be set out.

We are doing customized coozies as wedding gifts and I have already bought my something new(everything), something blue (a white and pearl 3 strand bracelet that has one blue pearl on each strand), something old (my grandmas wedding ring set as well as her mothers ring which has the three diamonds from my papas wedding ring in it), the wedding set is also my something borrowed since my mema left it to my aunt, and I think that covers it.
Nate will be in a simple black tux with ( i think) a silver vest and tie. I have left his outfit and the groomsmen decisions up to him.
He has been an enormous help, hes been the wedding planner actually. He has planned numerous large meetings and conferences so he is a pro and very excited and has handled most of the big decisions himself.
I would have been more than happy with about 50 people at the wedding but the total is closer to 150, but that's okay, it is what he wants.
Our cakes are from Kathy's. Mine is a simple three tier white very simple cake with some criss/cross lines on it and edible diamonds and pearls where the lines meet with green ribbon on the bottom of the layers. Its a lot prettier than my description lets on.
Nate's grooms cake is a beach themed with a wave of water (icing) coming across on it. Its really cool looking.

Well that's all for now, i am really going to try to be a better blogger its just been difficult to find the time!
Hope all is well with all 5 of my followers! :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Paging Dr. Herrman...Dr. Peewee Herrman

Update: Papa is responding well to the chemo, his white blood cell count is down to about .05% and the chemo is officially over today. He had 7 days of 24 hour chemo and three of those days he also had 30 minutes of another kind of chemo but luckily that is all over. He will hit a low this week and then hopefully start building back up some healthy cells and be in remission.
I am heading back down Friday when I get off work at 2 and spending the weekend, and my dad and aunt are alternating days during the week so he is never alone. Last week due to the snow I had Tues-Fri off so I went down to Dallas on Thursday and it took me 6 freaking hours for a 2.5 hour drive! That's the only time in the last two months since I quit smoking that I have wanted a freaking cigarette! It was solid ice the whole way until I hit Richardson then it was nothing but traffic, pretty sure I didn't go above 35-40 miles per hour the entire way, but thank goodness I don't have to worry about that this week.
So I'm still asking for prayers for his speedy recovery and remission!