Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why is it that I have a nice crafting area and yet I still end up standing at the kitchen bar while creating?
Mostly because I can see the TV!
I told my husband when we buy a new house in a couple of years we will need to probably need to use the master bedroom for office/craft room! He didnt really go for it but time will tell!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mantel Trees

First off word to the wise, these are very very time consuming. My dear husband actually helped by cutting the tissue paper for me while I worked, but I was almost done with the first one when we started The Lord of the Rings trilogy and I had just finished both by the time all three movies were done!

I got my inspiration from here  for two of my three trees. Plain white tissue, cut in two by two squares wrapped around an unsharpened pencil end and stuck on.
I love the way it turned out. So simple yet something elegant about it.
The second one was a little more intense and resulted in this.
Yes that is a massive burn on my ring finger. It is still swollen so I cant even wear my wedding rings!
Crafting is dangerous business people! :)
On to the tree, this one I decided to do my version of the rosette tree. the burn was from putting glue on the back on the rosette and then dropping it glue down on my finger. But here is my finished project.

I wanted to put the corsage pins in the middle of all the rosette but due to the above mentioned burn I ended up putting the pins where I have white showing between rosettes. I think it turned out nicely.
I have one more to make this weekend. The pine cone tree I cant wait to show pictures. I am really excited about this one. I think it will tie it all together and then I will be sure to get a full Christmas mantel picture to share.

Also this weekend my mom and I are making homemade Christmas cookies from her Great Grandmas recipe.  It is a three day process. We used to do this every year and stopped for some unknown reason but now are going to start it up again. They make delicious cookies and great gifts as well. I will post the recipe and the pictures next week.

Also coming up I will show you what I am making/made for my girls for the Christmas gifts and also a very special Christmas themed birthday present for my friend Kimber!

What Ive been up to

I'm very excited to share the projects I have been working on lately.
First up, my favorite little gifts to give. Mod podge picture frames.
You take a cheap frame,  the $1 at Michael's are my favorite, take some scrapbook paper, mod podge it on, add embellishments, insert picture and TA DA you are done!

The first one I made for my friend Jennifer's birthday. Yes the "Friends" is a little crooked but that just gives it character in my opinion. The second one is for a dear friend as part of her Christmas Present. I wont say who because I am not sure if she reads this or not! I usually use scrap booking stickers, ribbons etc for the embellishments but I recently acquired doilies from an antique store and decided to use a section on hers and I like the way it turned out. I have yet to do a frame out of one sheet of paper but I really like the cute bird design so I might use that one eventually. The top frame IO actually bought a scrapbook page kit and everything you see except the flowers in the corner and the pearls came with it for $5.99 at Michael's.

Up next: Christmas Crafting

Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekend of Christmas

I am one that gets all of my Christmas decor out the day after Thanksgiving(and puts it away the day after Christmas). You will never see a Christmas light in sight at my house before Black Friday. I believe one Holiday at a time!
But naturally if you get it out that early you have to start your projects a little before hand!

The first thing I wanted to make were two Christmas Ornament Topiary I saw on pinterest from here .
I wanted it in red and silver though. ( We have two trees always, a real one with red and silver decor to display in our formal living area that can be seen through our windows, and a small white, silver and black tree, that was mine from when I owned my house with Burgundy walls in the living room so naturally the "normal" colors would not look great. )
They were super easy to make.
Here the ball is painted, and tops are taken off the ornaments, sorry for the pitiful pics but my IPhone continually lets me down in the picture taking dept.
Slowly hot gluing the ornaments to the ball. I pushed the tops in a little way into the ball with the hot glue on them hopefully they will stay.

Letting the clay dry in the glass holder. They are quite top heavy as you can imagine.
And finally done! Since my glass was not frosted and you could see the clay I glued a ribbon around the glass and attached a bow at the front! They look great sitting together in my living room.

Next was my coffee filter wreath. These are all over Pinterest so I don't have a specific link I used. But it was super easy. Buy wreath, I used Styrofoam because I love it. I wrapped the filter around the tip of a large sharpie and started gluing. Very easy, didn't take too terribly long and 104 coffee filters later I was done.

I love the simplicity of it but I feel it may need a little more, like some small red letters "JOY" or something. Time will tell. I actually made this for my front door and then discovered my glass door would not close with this on the actual door! ha ha. Oh well it looks just as nice in my living room!

Next up: tissue and pine cone trees!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I love making arrangements out of random things, IE I cut off branches and leaves off the trees in front and made a nice little fall arrangement to go on my mantle with my pumpkins and fall wreath.

Obviously this is not my mantle, I'm too short to get a picture with it up there. This is my cluttered dining room table with all my wedding pictures that need to be hung and the lovely shadow box with my dried bouquet that Jenni made for me! Ill get a pic of that and post it too!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A new blog for a new me and a new year

Okay maybe not a totally new blog but I am going to switch this up a bit. Instead of this being a blog about me and my life it's going to be more of me and my crafts and DIY projects. So check back often for posts of what I made/did and how it came to be! Now don't get too excited I'm still pretty novice in my craftiness so a lot of my ideas come from other craft blogs or pinterest but I'll alwayS give credit where credit is due!