Friday, January 20, 2012

Cookies and Cream Chocolate Chip cake

My friend Kimber gave me a container of the subject cake mix for Christmas.
So last weekend wonderful husband and I decided to make it and some homemade icing to go on top.
So we mixed all the ingredients and here it is ready to go into oven:

and 30-35 minutes later it came out looking like this:

For the icing I found a recipe for vanilla bean butter cream here and substituted the paste for vanilla extract.

Now at my house it works out perfectly, I like more cake, husband likes more frosting. So I made a second batch of icing, (except I ran out of powered sugar and had to used granulated so it was a little grainy)and iced 1/2 the cake over again.

Now we each have a half exactly to our liking.

The cake and the icing separate were wonderful, but together something just didn't mesh. I probably should have used a store bought vanilla/cream flavored icing to go more with the cookies and cream flavor of the cake but lets just say it was good enough as is that it is almost already gone!
I do highly recommend both the cake and the icing, just not together!

Thanks Kimber for the delicious cake mix!

If you are interested in baking the cake I found a similar recipe at

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  1. well that looks great ...every half!!
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