Monday, January 23, 2012


I've seen many cork projects on Pinterest lately and I thought I would share one of mine from a few years back.
Plus I was making Paper beads and moving new furniture into wonderful Husband's son's room all weekend so I didn't get a whole lot else accomplished.

Anywho back to the cork.
Wonderful husband had a cork board kit someone had bought him at his house and a rather large supply of corks I might add.  :)

So I went to work, the frame was already put together but could easily be made by hand.
I started on the left side and moved around. I do not recommend that. As you will see in the next finished picture there is space around the corks in the middle. I would recommend starting in the middle and working outwards, that way if corks need to be cut or manipulated you can hide them that in the corners or around the outside. Here is the finished product.

If you look closely you can see what I mean when I say open space, its not totally obvious, but I know its there!
If I were to do something like this again I would use corks from special occasions and label them, as well as work on the placement issue!
But wonderful husband loves it (this post was actually his idea) and that's all that matters (since it hangs in his office and he has to look at it!!)

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