Thursday, January 5, 2012

My 2012


I am not the kind of person that makes Resolutions due to the fact hardly anyone keeps them, myself included. That being said there are a few things I would like to work on in the next year:

1. Get all of my glass and supplies out of the garage and organized so I can get back to mosaics. I love mosaics. There is something about taking these small pieces of mix matched sizes, colors etc and putting them together to form a picture that I really enjoy, along that same train of thought, keep crafting and keep blogging. I really enjoy the crafting I have been doing and sharing it on here. Not sure how many people actually read this but it gives me an outlet of sorts that I enjoy.

2. Stop worrying and stressing about our house. Yes it always in disrepair it seems but we are slowly making progress and I know that 2 years from April it will go on the market and we will find one that suits both of us perfectly. I am thankful he is pretty much open to all my ideas on remodel except painting over any of the wooden kitchen cabinets!

3. The ever so popular lose weight. There are 5-7 pounds I could stand to lose but I won't kill myself trying. You only live once and I am going to enjoy it. I did get on the Wii fit for the first time in 688 days (that made me feel horrible when it showed me that) and my wii age was 27.

4. Stop worrying about the baby thing. I'm only 29. It's okay if I am not sure if I want one yet. Wonderful husband does not but once again you only live once. I've given myself until 30 Tom contemplate and I've been praying for some resolution to this and I hope it comes.

5. Last but not least finally make a dent in my stack of books.

Which actually just got another one added to it. I love my Ipad with Ibooks and Kindle apps but there is something about actually  holding a book in your hands that is hard to beat.

 I am pretty sure all of these are attainable. This is nothing here that I shouldn't be able to do right? So what are everyone else's non-resolutions for this year?

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