Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Almost there

So I am about 2/3rds of the way done with my dresser and I cant wait to show you the finished product, but until then here are some sneak peak pics!

It has definitely been keeping me busy, but I am really enjoying it!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time Line

Here wonderful husband and I when we first got together about 4 years ago out for my 26th birthday. Notice the fat faces on both of us!
Here we are a couple of years later right after we got engaged celebrating my 28th birthday!
Notice the not so fat faces any more?
And here is Sept 2011 a month before my 29th birthday.
Its obvious we didn't keep off all the weight we initially lost, but I am at a happy 130 lbs and at 5'3" it seems to fit me, I don't have to work to stay at it, and I am comfortable, I could get down to 120 but then I would have to work to stay there and I want to enjoy life.

So when I heard about this I immediately ordered some. You take one tablespoon every night and then go immediately to sleep, no playing on the phone or Ipad and no watching a movie, and it is supposed to spend the next 45 minutes dissolving fat or something.
I have never slept better in my entire life.
Its like that tablespoon is some magical sleep aid.
Its claim is that its pure protein and works on digesting fat while you sleep. I have lost about 4  pounds in the last month but I feel it was probably due to the fact that I just wasn't eating a whole lot, plus you are not supposed to eat three hours before you go to bed and that really helps with weight loss.
Its not crazy expensive but its not the cheapest stuff either. I bought two months and it cost me around $75 for shipping and all, but if you buy a larger quantity you get a bigger discount. I will probably invest in 6 months worth next time but I thought two months was enough to determine if I liked it. The taste is not horrible but its not something I would want to drink it large quantities, it reminds me of watered down yellow Gatorade.

I was not sponsored or compensated for writing this post,  I just wanted to share so you could sleep as well as I have been.

Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm not a "wordy" person

I am not a writer, and I have never claimed to be.
I have run on sentences, punctuation errors etc.
Unfortunately I like to blog which doesn't mesh well with a non-writer.
I think wonderfully long articulate sentences in my head, but somewhere between my thoughts and the keyboard they get lost in translation, and become big grammatical messes.

I want to share what's going on in the Moran household and with my DIY attempts, and I really appreciate those of you who stop by and read my posts despite of my writing disabilities!

Here's to having a wonderful week!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Work in Progress

So I am working on the dresser, I now have it sanded, primed and the main color on it. I am starting to work on the drawers which I plan on taking slowly as I have never Mod Podged with fabric before.
So here is how she looks as of now:

I am really digging the bright obnoxious lime green and I can't wait to paint the top bright obnoxious orange!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mad about Plaid

SO now that I am working on redoing the dresser  I thought I should probably invest in some Mod Podge tools instead of trying to smooth the fabric with my hands!
Luckily at Plaid Online I found this awesome kit for $12.99!!!
"All your Mod Podge favorites at a great, low price. Kit includes Mod Podge Tools; 2 oz Sparkle, Paper Matte, Original Gloss, Original Matte and Outdoor formulas as well as an 8 oz Mod Podge Fabric. If purchased separately, these items have a total retail value of $26.97."

 I am super excited to use the roller for the fabric covered dresser drawers, I think it will make my life a whole lot easier!
I also cant wait to try out some of the other types of Podge. I can only seem to find Matte and Gloss here in town so I am really looking forward to trying out the fabric and sparkle!

  Have you found any craft supplies at a great price lately?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentines Gift

I completely stole this idea, will I guess not stole, but downloaded the paper from and had it printed at (great printing website). Mod podge it onto a 12 X 12 tile and sealed, bought a card and TADA! Wonderful Husbands Valentines Day gift Completely done.

We aren't real big on Vaolentines day, but I wanted to make him a little something.
Im a little late on posting because he was stuck out of the country until after Valentines and I didnt want to post it until I gave it to him for obvious reasons!

What did you give/receive for Valentines Day?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Saturday Shopping

I didnt do much shopping this weekend but my mom and I did go to a Women's Expo here in town and I got this for my cross wall.

Can you believe it only cost my $5! I also hit up the liquor store for some Champagne for Valentines day and found a cake flavored vodka that I just had to try!

It was delicious! And they were currently weighing down my wonderful husbands Valentines Day gift that I will post later!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Paper Catcher of all things

I finally finished my paper project. The idea I saw and incorporated from here.
Although mine is not quite big enough to be a wastebasket. I still love it. Here's a photo of the entire thing:
 One side:
 Looking into:
It was super easy just incredibly time consuming, rolling all the paper and then gluing etc.  
It ended up being a little lopsided on one side, but that's what I like most about it. I need to get some spray Mod Podge to seal this with and make it a little sturdier, I couldn't bring myself to using the liquid and paint every little circle!
There was not a tutorial on this. I just cut magazine pages in 2 X 2 stips and folded in half and rolled in circles and glued or wrapped around each other to form the circle bottom. Very easy.
I will prob use it as another catch all for my craft supplies and to set on my new craft dresser, that I hope to have finished eventually! I did get everything bought and I have sanded it so now its time to prime, paint, mod podge the fabric on the drawers and stencil the top!

What do you think?
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I awoke this morning to snow on the ground!
And all though it is quickly melting away, I did get a chance to wear my Awesome Coach Snow boots!

That being said I am ready for Spring!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sock Bun

I've seen posts on the sock bun all over Pinterest but after receiving this from Home Stories from A2Z. I thought I would give it a try.
So I did mostly for the bun, not the curls. I tend to wear my hair up a lot so I thought this would be perfect for me. A little dressier than a pony tail but still out of my face.

Although I will still have to do some bobby pinning I really like the look.

Any hair tips/styles you seen that you've tried and tested and liked?

Friday, February 10, 2012


Wonderful husband is out of the country until Monday so this weekend is going to be a crafting/cleaning the house weekend. Although I foresee more crafting then cleaning!
I finally found fabric for the drawers of my new dresser. I wanted bright, fun, and slightly tacky looking, kind of like me! :)

I am thinking about using a lime green and an orange as paint and maybe stenciling the top!
I cant wait to work on it some more this weekend!
What do you think? And any big plans on your agenda for the weekend?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Saturday Shopping

A little back story I had these in my living room:
Not only are they the ugliest lamps known to man kind, they were way to big for our end tables, and did I mention they are ugly? I didn't want to just replace them, I wanted to find the perfect lamps and I did this weekend at Pier 1. LOVE that store. So here are our new lamps!

Small, brown leather, gold and scroll, which matches our living room perfect! I was so excited to find them!

This is a new button down my mom actually gave me so I didn't really buy it but oh well. You cant tell from the picture but its a beautiful pink Ralph Lauren, it actually matches the new Ralph flats I found at Dillards for $17!!!! My mom and I love us some Ralph Lauren!

What steals and deals have you guys found lately?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pic Post 2: Wedding!

Thanks to the wonderfully talented Jessica Bailey for taking the wonderful pics.

Side note: I had a lot more pictures on here but when I came back to add these, they disappeared, so hopefully in the near future Ill do another post with all the others I wanted you to see!
Like ones with my bridesmaids and family!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pic post #1

So I didn't get much crafting done this weekend, but I did work on my dresser some (will show you that later this week) but first I want to take today to show you some of my bridal portraits that i had taken oh about 9 months or so ago. Obviously I couldn't post them before the wedding and now I am just getting around to it! As with the engagement pics they were shot by the lovely Jessica Bailey.My mom wanted to go to Dallas to look for my dress but we have a Davids Bridal here in town so I said lets just check it out and when I don't find anything we will go. Low and behold the very first dress I tried on, I bought! Does not get any easier than that!
  So here you go!

 I Made this umbrella by gluing single petals individually until it was completely covered.

Pretty sure this one is my favorite.

 In my favorite Louboutins and the bench I am sitting on is from my antique bedroom set that is from 1929 and was my moms Grandmas!

If you look closely the black on my foot is actually a tattoo of three paw prints Nate got for me years ago for my three baby dogs!

Hope you enjoyed! Tomorrow Ill post some pics from the actual wedding!